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4 easy ways to do Kapital (without overdoing Kapital)

This is a brand that will continue to be fresh as a mountain spring, even as more people discover its simple pleasures.

Kapital is known for being at the forefront of experimental & innovative denim design. In recent years, the beloved maximalist Japanese brand has recently (and deservedly) experienced a tremendous amount of growth and popularity in the United States. From Russel Brand rocking Kapital on his podcast to Kyrie Irving and other NBA stars rocking it on their walks to the bus, this brand is officially here to stay.

But while it may be ubiquitous among old heads who relish the unique influence of Japanese denim and style makers alike, Kapital will continue to be fresh as a mountain spring, even as more people discover its simple pleasures.

Do it, don't overdo it.

While certain people can get away with doing an entire head-to-toe Kapital outfit, it takes a certain amount of I-really-don’t-give-a-crapness. This is something that many of us wish we had, but just don’t.

But that’s ok! Kapital is a brand that you should enjoy the heck out of anyway. You just need to know where to direct your valuable energy.

Here's how you can do Kapital without overdoing it. (Featuring Insta shots from Cotton Sheep in San Fransisco, which a reliable source tells me was first shop to carry Kapital in the United States.)

Embrace the power of the cap.

Kapital’s hats are a great way to experience the joy of this brand without  going full Boro. They are wonderful in their not-overdone individuality AND they are super comfortable.

My personal favorite is the iconic Old Man and the Sea Cap. I made this purchase as a purely stylistic choice. But now it’s become my go-to cap to wear during hikes & runs due to the comfort component.  A case study in portability and durability, it also has a highly unstructured feel that allows you to shove it into your back pocket.

Every season Kapital creates new, unique versions of these caps, some more limited-edition than others. If you want to begin your journey into the world of Kapital, this is a fantastic way to start.

Get your pants on.

Cargo & painter pants are back, and by far the coolest modern versions of these that I’ve seen come from Japanese brands such as Nonnative, Engineered Garments, and Kapital.

One of the standout designs I really love come via the Kapital Ringoman pants, which put a contemporary-heritage twist on the cargo pant.

If you really want to try some elevated workwear, Kapital’s recent version of the iconic painter pant is it. And if you are ready to go all in on your Kapital style, try some of the reconstructed pants they have been making lately.

Just  one-up everybody with this all-time great sweater.

If you just want to come in hot and own the Kapital game completely, this knitted cardigan sweater is the way to do it.

Don’t bother Googling to see if John Mayer was spotted wearing it. He was.

Don’t bother asking Siri if this will have people gawking at you in wonder and amazement. It will.

Don’t bother asking if I would play a game of riddles with a weird cave-dwelling goblin to win this sweater, my life being the opposite wager. I would.

I would indeed.

(For more on this particular  sweater read this cool article from Jonathan Lucacek at Bandana Almanac)

Enjoy Yourself and Lean Into The Kapital Vibe

Kapital is a really fun brand that should never be taken too seriously. Because that would take the fun out of it.  Jeez, this article may be taking some of the fun out of. So if you want to go full Kapital, by all means go full Kapital, my man.

Whether it is a distressed sweater with happy face arm patches, a coat that looks as if it’s made of feathers, a huge hyper-comfy scarf with strange characters on it, or even just some sick denim, Kapital offers a little bit of everything for you consumption.Have Fun!

Check out the places below to locate your own Kapital style.

Favorite Places to Get Kapital From:

Check out these fine retailers online, or, even better, visit them in person to get your Kapital fix.

Cotton Sheep




Mannahatta NYC


Blue In Green Soho

Pancho & Lefty