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5 Menswear Brands That We Are Super Stoked About

Oliver Church, Manresa, James Coward, and more!

Cortis  profile image
by Cortis
5 Menswear Brands That We Are Super Stoked About

Gentlemen and friends, pull out your artisinal leather notebooks, AI assistants, and apple notes, because I'm about to share five menswear brands that are sure to get you stoked about wearing clothes. Write it down!

As menswear enthusiasts, we know that finding the right balance between style and comfort can be a challenge. But with these five brands, you can have it all. Each one has its own unique aesthetic, but they all share a commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

James Coward

The design squad behind James Coward is made up of three Vancouver-based homies who collab to cook up reimagined traditional. They blend their life experiences and unique personal visions together to create an eclectic and harmonious collection.

To achieve max beauty and overall synergy of mind body and spirit for the lucky wearer aka you, these thready geniuses carefully source materials from mills with max history, cooking up designs in locales with reputations for max quality. As a brand, James Coward values the use of robust fabrics, meticulous construction, and the preservation of regionally specific craftsmanship traditions. Boooom.

James Coward's collections includes garments that pay homage to the functional fabrics, spacious tailoring, and utilitarian design that defined past decades, but in a decidedly modern way.  These pieces seamlessly blend the timeless charm of classic workwear with contemporary style. Hell yaaaa.

Where to get James Coward

Shop — James Coward
James Coward Mens
From Vancouver, Canada A collaborative project between three friends, James Coward harmonizes an eclectic triad of sensibilities, influences, and histories. James Coward reinterprets many of menswear’s familiar shapes, fabrics, and details through a synthesis of the lens of “James”—strong, tradition…
James Coward | C’H’C’M’ Shop New York
Shop the latest collection from James Coward at C’H’C’M’ Shop New York

Oliver Church

Similar category (see:hyper-wearable) but with that laid-back European zest you expect from a French brand in your imagination's best-case scenario.  Church is a designer hailing from Waitakere, New Zealand, and plies his trade in Paris. He hand-cuts, sews, and finishes each piece himself in his Parisian studio.

To source his materials, Church often turns to vintage and reclaimed fabrics, drawn to the rich history of hemp, linen, and cotton production in France. The aged fabrics add character to his designs, which are otherwise modern in their proportions. Oliver also takes the time to naturally dye many of the fabrics himself, imbuing each piece with even more layers of life that are expected to evolve and change over time. The legend grows!

This is unique stuff— quantities are limited. Luckily for us North-Americerz, you can get it at Vancouver's Neighbor, which is proving to be one of the dopest places to get your threads right now...

Where to get Oliver Church

Oliver Church Mens
From Paris, France Coming to Paris by way of London from his home of Waitakere, New Zealand, Oliver Church works to eschew the traditional business model of the garment industry in favor of an approach that is decidedly more personal. Each item is cut, sewn, and finished personally by Oliver in Pari…
Oliver Church — Singular Garments

Mountain Research

Next up, we have Mountain Research, a playful-simultaneously-serious brand that offers streety, avant-garde military/gorpy-but-not-too-gorped wear with a decidedly Japanese twist, in the best way. Think big pockets, is-it-subversive-or-just-interesting taglines (ANARCHO MOUNTAINEERS, anyone?), and relaxed fits that are perfect for everyday wear or for going out to kill some zombified robots in an imaginary dystopian Tokyo.

It’s for the the guys who get hoisted on Engineered Garments and Kapital, but be wanting something a little more low-key-yet-obviously-dope for their life excursions. That means you!

Where to get your Mountain Research

Mountain Research at Bodega
Shop Mountain Research at Bodega - A leading global destination for curated footwear, apparel, and accessories.
Designer Kobayashi Setsumasa founded his first label General Research in 1993. In 2006 Satsumasa renamed the well established brand Mountain Research to reflect his love of the outdoors and creative research method. Each season, Kobayashi Setsumasa two close friends retreat from Tokyo to the mountai…
Mountain Research started its history in 2006. The brand goes beyond stereotype outdoor activities and is about life in the mountains with an anarchist minded spirit. On top of belonging between some of the most talented designers in the world nowadays, Kobayashi is also one of the most important in…
Mountain Research
A mixture of preppy, punk and military elements/essence with America’s traditional casual wear is Mountain Research’s way of defining its style–a form of style made for living one’s life in the mountains of its home ground Japan.


A brand that's all about comfort without sacrificing style. Manresa's designs are practical and versatile, for the no-fuss-man who wants to look like he could work at the local seafood restaurant, own the local seafood restaurant, or be the founder of the seafood industry.

It’s laser-sharp, ultra-comfy, and sells out like wildfire, so cop it like it's wicked hot, cause it is. With understated anoraks, pocketed roll-neck sweaters, and chore jackets that would make the most Carhartty Carhartt wearer say mmmmmm, it’s like 90’s-power LL Bean meets peak J.Crew, with legit New England credentials to boot. Holla.

Where to get Manresa

Manresa Clothing
Several Themes Thoughtfully Woven.

A.A. Spectrum

A. A. Spectrum is serving up some high-performance gear with an interering  aesthetic with futuristic elements. This Geneva-based, Beijing-crafted brand uses ultralight 3M Thinsulate Insulation materials to make bomber outerwear, but im really digging the sweaters, cause I dig sweaters no matter the season.

Claiming commitment to environmentally viable production methods, A.A. Spectrum backs it up with ethically sourced down to add good vibes to their loose-fitting, quilted silhouettes adorned with sophisticated detailing and utilitarian features. It's minimalist menswear that is equally relevant in both urban and rugged outdoor settings.

A. A. Spectrum for Men SS23 Collection | SSENSE
Buy A. A. Spectrum clothing & accessories and get Free Shipping & Returns in USA. Shop online the latest SS23 collection of A. A. Spectrum for Men on SSENSE and find the perfect clothing & accessories for you among a great selection.
A A Spectrum Spring/Summer 2023 Collection
Visit the post for more.

Have a great day! ✌🏻

Cortis  profile image
by Cortis

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