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Who Cares if Your Father's Day Gift is Late if it Blows his Mind?

The timely delivery of your token of gratitude is less significant than the love and intent behind it. Especially if it’s a gift that RIPS.

In the grand design of our lives, our fathers, akin to timeless sages, understand the fluidity of time and the deeper rhythm that underlies our existence.

Like the gradual transition of Uranus through the houses, the arrival of their gifts holds a spark of vital energy that transcends the rigid tick-tock of our earthly clocks.

The essence of Father's Day, after all, mirrors the eternal Star card - a perpetual beacon of gratitude and appreciation. Your gift will be ever luminescent, whether the tangible token arrives with the dawn or under the velvety cloak of a belated moon.

In other words, who cares if dad gets his gift late?

Remember, much like the propensity of the effects of celestial events to ripple out into the multiverse after the actual occurrence, a belated gift still carries the magic of gratitude. Especially if it's dope as hell.

And these gifts are, so gift away, star child.

Birkenstock 1774 Clogs:

The Birkenstock 1774 collection, named after the brand's foundation year, is a true ode to multifaceted fathers who want to stand out from the Birk-wearing crowd, but still want to wear the Birks. Much like the dual-natured Gemini who seamlessly blends wisdom and wit, this collection marries Birkenstock's heritage with a subtly-bold, forward-thinking design.

Japanese Selvedge Denim

Like a well-crafted natal chart, Japanese Selvedge Denim is spun from the looms of heritage and precision. Each thread intertwines like a fortuitous path through the houses of the zodiac, representing our journey from Aries' bold initiation to the full-circle wisdom of Pisces.

The sturdy selvedge edge, like the fixed signs, provides the stability amidst the cyclic nature of fashion and time.

Get some here from our friends at Milworks Milwaukee.

Coffee Pour Over Apparatus from Origami

The art of coffee brewing shares striking parallels with divination rituals of old. The Origami Coffee Pour Over Apparatus, with its intricate and unique design, is reminiscent of the crystalline patterns in a scrying mirror or the captivating symbols in a coffee cup reading.

Its pleated structure enhances the coffee's complexity and depth, much like the layered insights of a skillful palm reader.

Start a new ritual— share a pour-over with dad this year.

Leather Wallet from Kika NY:

Just as a seasoned tarot deck accumulates the essence of its user over time, a Kika NY leather wallet is a gift that evolves with its owner. Each patina, mark, scrape and scratch tells a unique story, from the mundane grocery store trips to the enchanting memory of a day at the ballpark.

A Kika NY wallet, crafted from the hide of the Earth, evolves as an artifact of life, a tangible link to the essence of its owner.

No need to trip on lateness with these gifts. Dad understands.

Our fathers, much like our guiding stars and planets, are present through each phase of our journey.

The enchantment of these gifts serve as subtle nods to the mysteries of existence we are privileged to traverse with them.

As with the Wheel of Fortune, the timely delivery of your token is less significant than the love and intent behind it.

Have fun! ✌🏻