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8 Brands to help you stand out in a preppy world.

This is 2022. Time for new preppy clothing brands.

One of the most famous dressing styles, The "Preppy" look came from a sincere effort to capture the "American Ivy League" vibe in the 1900s.  

Later on, IVY famously went global, gaining notable traction after being adopted by young rebellious Japanese men railing against the norms of Japan's unspoken dress code.  Later still, the boomerang swung back to America. And the prep look has enjoyed a resurgence in every decade.

Really, you can't go wrong dressing like a preppy.

But what exactly is preppy?  It can include a blend of:

  • Sporty elements (think rugby shirts, varsity patches, tennis, and boat shoes)
  • Formal pieces (blazers, khakis, pants with pleats, crisp denim.)
  • Rugged pieces: (LL Bean type gear)
  • Layering
  • Bright colors mixed with traditional neutrals

Old-school, aspirational preppy looks conjure up fantasies of sails in sailboats. Drives in Saab convertibles. Lounging in Jeep Wagoneers. Eating clams upon Pendleton blankets while fireworks light up some coastal enclave. Or some variation of all that which includes tennis courts or polo fields.

Remember "The Hilfigers"?

How Has The Preppy Look Changed?

These days, styles are more interwoven as creative peeps like you blur traditional boundaries. High-performance materials have worked their way into everyday wear. Preppy isn't as overtly aspirational as it used to be. It's more of a mood, not an in-your-face, Bradley-Cooper-in-Wedding-Crashers affair. Let's call this the "new preppie" style.

Hallmarks of the New Preppy Style

  1. Mixes in high-tech outerwear elements
  2. You can wear black and be preppy, too
  3. Embraces and mixes heritage styles

While these awesome brands might not be "true prep", they have elements of the newer preppy style. Look through what they have to offer, and try them if you want to do the preppy thing, but with a twist.

Engineered Garments.  

Engineered Garments

📸Engineered Garments

Preppy for The Adventurous.

This USA-made brand excels if you want to pull off the preppy look, with a twist. Shirts of unique proportions, innovative vests, and versatile coats. Engineered Garments often try new things, for your enjoyment.

If you want to dress prep and look creative Engineered Garments is the brand for you. Start layering up and get your prep on.

Stone Island.  

Stone Island

📸Stone Island

Modernized Preppy.

Stone Island has gained a lot of attention in recent years. For good reason. What sets it apart is its technical properties and proprietary dyes and fabrics. Stone Island gives you a unique edge in the world of prep, by not being overtly prep. If that makes sense.

Try a pair of Stone Island cargo pants, a corduroy shirt, or a next-level jacket.  Layer your Stone Island over your rugby shirts and khakis to get a sporty preppy style that's all your own.

The Row.

The Row

📸 The Row

For The Preppy who wants to wear black.

You want preppy, but you love the color black. Try The Row. Sure, this brand will strain your wallet like a pocketful of granite. But The Row is tops if you want to rock the city-preppy look. You are confident, you are going places, and you are the preppy in black.



📸 Mr. Porter

For Southwestern Preppy Vibes

Achieve the coveted "Southwestern Preppy" look with RRL.  While Polo and many of its subbrands have gone out in and out of favor in recent years, RRL has retained its swagger.

Beams +.

Beams Plus

📸 Peggs & Sons

Possibly the Best Neo-Preppy Brand in the World?

Beams Plus has the preppy game on lockdown. Think Japanese design sensibilities fused with good old preppy style. Focusing on the classics, Beams always delivers. If you want a brand that will give you quality and style, keep your eyes open for Beam's offerings.

CDG Play.

CDG Play

📸 CDG Play

A Preppy Brand to Get Fully Uniformed Out In

An alternative to preppy clothing brands like Ralph Lauren, COMME des GARÇONS Play rocks. With a focus on classic, timeless pieces, CDG Play is the perfect brand to get uniformed out in. When you rock the peeping heart you'll stand out in all the right ways.




A Preppy Brand For Those Who Love Cashmere

Cashmere is still one of the loveliest things you can wear. And one of the loveliest brands making cashmere things is Frenckenburger, a Swiss brand with a flair for the ultra-comfy. This stuff is maximal-comfy without veering into the "loungewear pajama" departments.  When you're upgrading your preppy style to luxury preppy style, choose Freckenburger.

4S Designs.

📸4s Designs

Preppy for the Next Level

This brand is "next level" preppy. 4S uses Euro-quality materials and good old American construction with a new vision of prep. Great for people who want to continue to push the boundaries of what preppy clothing can be. Keep an eye on this brand!

J.W. Anderson.

J.W. Anderson

📸J.W. Anderson

Colorful Elevated Preppy.  

Anderson is the Creative Director at Loewe, which should tell you something. He got there on the strength of his eponymous brand, which is innovative and fresh to this day.  His designs are full of color and feature Nautical motifs and 90's preppy influences. You know, like Tommy Hilfiger before it became outlet fodder.

Have Fun with Your Preppy Self

Maybe these brands aren't all Ivy, all the time, but dig through their collections and develop your own preppy style! And most of all, have fun. ✌🏻