So you have money! Good for you. Congratulations at winning the game of life— you can now wear anything you want.

Guess what, you aren't required to wear Calvin Klein, Burberry, and Hugo Boss. There are better brands out there for you...but maybe you just haven't heard of them yet.

I want you to keep it classy, so you can show you have style and taste to go with your hard-earned wealth. If you want that too, here are the brands you should be wearing.

The Row

Are you a New York City or London guy? Do you do New York City or London things? Do you have all that money to do all those New York City and London things with? The Row is for you.

Despite being founded by the famous Olsen Sisters, This brand has somehow stayed relatively quiet in the world at large. Meanwhile, inferior lines have gained more popularity and notoriety. But Ashley and Mary-Kate deserve their somehow-under-the-radar reputation as fashion goddesses. Both for their own style and for their use of the finest materials for their men's and women's lines.

Rich guy, you have my permission to make your entire wardrobe The Row, before you go and do all your New York things. Then fly your jet to London and do all your London things.

Loro Piana

It seems like all the rich guys in the world already know about this brand and wear it, but for some inexplicable reason, my rico amigo, your personal shopper missed it, let me introduce Loro Piana. Another super tasteful brand. Although this one skews a little more toward the "aging gracefully" man, it's really really really really nice.

Loro Piana specializes in some of the world's best cashmere, which is quite a statement. Their fabrics and textiles are truly amazing. I'm giving you a permission slip— go buy yourself an 8k Loro Piana leather jacket, and, by all means, enjoy it.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens is avant-garde, beautiful, and expensive, but you so rich that you don't care. If you consider yourself a bit of a minimalist and love the all-black thing, kit yourself out in Rick.

New to the brand? Don't get scared off by some of the wilder designs that you see pasted all over social media. Owens actually makes some low-key, ultra-wearable things that will get you noticed merely for the right reasons.

Brunello Cucinelli

This is another Italian brand that is famous for its craftsmanship and tradition. Cucinelli goes a little under the radar because of its non-fashion-centricity and lack of advertising here in the states. Also, it's out of reach for most of us. But you aren't most of us. You are loaded. So stock up on cashmere sweaters, leather jackets, and socks of the utmost luxury from Brunello.

Tom Ford

Of the brands on this list, this is the one you've likely heard of. Tom Ford has been one of the top names in fashion since making Gucci everlasting. He's a creative powerhouse, and his clothes are incredible.  Ford's eponymous designs are always a good idea for the man with money and taste to burn.

Other Brands You Can't Go Wrong With, Rich Guy

Visvim - Casual

Loewe - Fashion-Forward

YSL - Rock Star Vibes

Enjoy yourself!

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