Yo C Fam, it's time to get acquainted with a visionary force in the menswear universe – the boundary-pushing, convention-defying Camiel Fortgens.

Hailing from the forward-thinking fashion hub of Amsterdam, Fortgens is flizzling the scrizzatch on traditional men's garb, one conscientiously crafted piece at a time.

Picture this: archetypal silhouettes deconstructed & reconstructed into somethin' entirely new, yet somehow timeless. That's the Camiel Fortgens specialty. Homeboy takes familiar staples – your tried-and-true trench coats, tailored trousers, crisp caps – and puts 'em through a cerebral blender. What emerges is a sublime fusion of past & future, a sartorial glitch in the matrix that'll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about getting dressed. 🤯

CAMIEL FORTGENS at Departamento

Peep Fortgens' signature oversized coats, cut with surgical precision from luxe materials in unexpected hues. Or scope his flowing, wide-leg pants that pool & drape like modern sculptures. Every piece is an exercise in subverting expectations, a master class in marrying high-concept design with wearable, street-ready garms.

Camiel Fortens at Departamento

But don't get it twisted – Camiel Fortgens ain't just about shock value or empty provocation. Nah, there's a method to his madness, a deeply considered philosophy that underpins every stitch.

Camiel Fortgens at Jake & Jones

Fortgens is all about challenging the gender binary, blurring the lines between masculine & feminine to create a new language of fluid, inclusive style. He's tapping into the zeitgeist of a generation that refuses to be confined by outdated norms, crafting clothes that empower & inspire. 🌈🙌

📸 Camiel Fortgens

And yo, can we talk about the construction? Fortgens is a stickler for quality, sourcing only the finest fabrics from ethical suppliers & executing every garment with obsessive attention to detail. From the hand-finished seams to the artfully placed hardware, every piece is a testament to the brand's uncompromising standards.

📸 Camiel Fortgens

In a fashion landscape that often feels like a relentless hype cycle, Camiel Fortgens is a refreshing voice of authenticity & substance. He's not chasing trends or courting influencers – he's creating wearable art that speaks to the soul, clothes that make you feel something. 

Camiel Fortgens at Canoe Club

So if you're ready to level up your style game with some truly next-level garms, it's time to dive into the brilliant, subtle-mind-bending world of Camiel Fortgens. Trust us – once you go Fortgens, you'll never go back to basic. Get ready to have your perception of menswear shattered & rebuilt in the most glorious way possible. 🔮🧠

Camiel Fortgens Oversized Short Mack | Brown Check | Canoe Club
This oversized short mack in brown check is expertly crafted from 100% laminated cotton, making it water-repellent and durable. The black horn buttons add a touch of sophistication while the adjustable button tab closure at the back ensures a comfortable fit. With angled welt pockets and raw edge details, this mackinto
Camiel Fortgens Heavy Sweat Jersey Zip Hoodie | Red Old Dye | Canoe Club
Expertly crafted from 100% heavyweight cotton jersey, this red old dye hoodie is the perfect blend of comfort and style. The oversized fit and uneven kangaroo pouch pocket provide a laid-back vibe, while the zip front closure and drawstring hood offer practicality. Complete with irregular contrast topstitching, this ho
DPTO — Pistachio Green Padded Nylon Body Warmer
Bodywarmer, lined with soft cotton. Zip closure. Raw details at the seams. Two angled welt pockets. Irregular hand stitching, seams inside out. Poly Blend Model wears Size M
DPTO — Yellow Heavy Jersey Short Sleeve Big Tee
Yellow Heavy Jersey Short Sleeve Big Tee. Cotton Model wears size
Camiel Fortgens Sleeveless Outdoor Jacket
Sleeveless outdoor jacket in water-repellent mackintosh fabric. Hood with drawstring. High neck zip closure. Two big flap pockets. Drawstring in the uneven hem. Raw details. Material: 100% British laminated cotton
Cap, Navy
Original Camiel Fortgens cap. Elastic at the back to fit all sizes. CF logo embroidery inside. Metal wire in flap for custom, more lasting shape. Material 100% cotton
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