Coffee was once used by the Sufis to pursue higher states of consciousness, but you don’t need a divine blessing to start making a great coffee at your own home. If you use the right methods, you can consistently make yourself a delicious cup of this nectar of the gods.

(Remember, starting with good quality coffee beans will always result in a better cup of coffee. And to learn how water quality impacts your coffee, visit our friends at Perfect Coffee Water).

Here are the best ways to make coffee at home.

French Press

The French Press Method is a great way to make coffee quickly. But it offers more control than with a simple drip machine. The immersion method is simple, but it will also give you the ability to let your coffee steep, extracting the flavor more fully than in a drip-coffee scenario. The result is a very full-flavored cup of coffee.

Since the French Press is so easy to use, it is the choice of many who want to make a great cup of coffee at home with minimal hassle.


Using a Chemex will give you a clean, bright cup of coffee, due to the proprietary filters. This method is very similar (in fact, the same) as the pour-over, except for these different filters, which are thicker than the traditional pour-over filter.

The result: more sediment and oil is extracted from the coffee, bringing out the flavor dramatically.


It’s alway a good time

Pour-over coffee is the method of choice for many of the top baristas and coffee shops around the world. The cool thing is, you can do it at home yourself.

Giving you full manual control over your brew, using a pour-over will allow you to add water to your grinds slowly, causing the ground beans to “bloom” and extract more flavor, so you can get the full spectrum of tastes out of your expensive coffee beans!

Drip Coffee Maker

Cup o’ Joe

A drip coffee maker is a great solution for an office or if you want a hot pot brewing all the time…or if you don’t really mind having minimal control of your brew.

This is definitely my least favorite way to make coffee because the other methods on this list just plain make for a better-tasting roast. But the accessibility of drip coffee often makes it a good compromise for those on the go.


Inverted AeroPress circa Fall 2019

The Aeropress is an Aerobie press that uses pressure instead of gravity to force the coffee grinds through a filter. At first sight, it looks like an unusual piece of equipment but after getting your hands on it and fooling around with it a bit, you’ll get the hang of it.

Once you master the Aeropress, you might never go back to other methods of making coffee. These things make a bomber single-serving cup of coffee.

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