Yo C Fam,

We gotta take a minute to bow down to the current king of NBA style – Shai Gilgeous-Alexander a.k.a. SGA. This young 🌟 is straight up shatterin' the old dress code while elevating the whole league's fashion game.

SGA's 'fits are a masterclass in easy, confident cool. Man's not out here peacocking for the cameras – he moves in designer garms with the nonchalance of a true style savant.

The proportions stay relaxed & flowing, from oversized πŸ§₯ to billowing trousers. But don't get it twisted, every piece is considered for that subtle flex – the πŸ’° is in the details.

Peep how SGA keeps his color palettes 🎨 mad cohesive – think earthy neutrals punctuated with pops of understated luxury, like a cashmere beanie or S~~l-s pendant. And u know he's on that πŸ‘Ÿ game heavy, from iced-out Birks to vintage Nikes – always perfectly complimenting the vibe.

But beyond the lac, it's SGA's natural 😎 that makes his style an instant inspo for the youth.

He moves like someone who knows he's drippin' but doesn't need to shout about it. In a league full of hypebeast tunnel walks, SGA is on that grown man ish.

From his taste for upcoming designers to his love of Japanese πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ brands, SGA's wardrobe got range – yet it always feels unmistakably him.

That's the mark of an icon in the making fam. Study the kid's 'fits and watch ur own style level up.

Keep shinin' on & off the court SGA – we see u πŸ’«

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