Your POPPING 2023 Men's Spring Style Guide

Your POPPING 2023 Men's Spring Style Guide

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Apr 12, 2023 • 6 min read

Just last week, I strolled on a brisk but sunny day in the city, on the way to watch some late-season NBA hoops, when I wandered upon a parkside jazz performance. A talented trio of musicians had set up their instruments beneath a tree, filling the air with upbeat melodies of saxophone, drums, and upright bass. Though I was in a rush, I couldn't help but be drawn in by the magnetic energy that flowed between them, mellow grooves perfectly encapsulating the slow signs of renewal on the fringes of the city's nature. This serendipitous encounter gave me a quick life zest boost— I'm ready to embrace the incoming season with open arms.

As spring gets into full swing, I can't help but notice how my favorite menswear shops are also embracing rejuvenation, like that jazz band. From vibrant patterns to crafty fabrics, the industry is ready for warmer things. Some stores are now carrying lightweight cotton and linen shirts that are perfect for those sunny, but not quite scorching, days.

As usual, some of the stuff on here is high ticket, cause your boy loves to bring you the most premium quality. However,if you do a bit of scouring you can find similar styles at a more accessible price point.

Spring style guide 2023, baby!

Spring Style from Cueva NYC

Blossoms awaken, Joyful whispers on the breeze, Spring's warm embrace found.

Featuring the following brands: 4s Designs, CMMN SWDN, DE BONNE FACTURE, OUR LEGACY, BARENA, NN07

Spring Style from Milworks Milwaukee

Milwaukee, spring blooms, Lake Michigan's crisp winds dance, City life renews.

Featuring the following brands: Outerknown, Univeral Works, Anonymous Ism, Corridor, Astorflex, White Sands, Revolution X Stitch, RRL

Spring Style By Canoe Club

Mountain peaks unveil, Spring thrives in alpine meadows, Colorado's charm.

Featuring the following brands: Karu Research, Nanamica, Doc Martens, New Balance, Story MFG, Junya Watanabe, J. Press, RRL

Avant-Garde Spring Style from Hues-Fukuoka.

Fukuoka's grace, Verdant hills meet azure sea, Spring's style thrives.

Featuring: Maison Margiela, Cottle, Yohji Yamamoto

Spring Style from Stag Provisions.

Azaleas blush, Southern spring in gentle sway, Magnolias scent.

Featured Brands: RRL, Ralph Lauren, Corridor, Beams+, Chamula, Kardo

Spring Style from Blue in Green Soho

Soho streets reborn, Springtime whispers in the air, Bustling life anew.
Featured Brands: Kapital, Mountain Research, 810S, Blue in Green

Spring Style Guide From Tabor

Winking fireflies dance, Carolina's springtime gig, Pine-scent lullabies.

Featured Brands: Common Projects, Whythe, OMTC, Norse Projects, Mister Freedom