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5 Funky Fun Clothing Brands to Bring You Great Enjoyment

Spread some good energy with these funky Cortis-approved brands.

Dressing should be fun. But sometimes we get into a rut. We trip and stub our toe, lose our inspiration, lose our zest for life. That's when we need to start channeling our best selves! Exercising more, eating better...and dressing for fun, not for utility.

These kind-of-out-there, 100% fun, funky brands will bring you an inordinate level of enjoyment and help you adjust your attitude.

These are fun, funky brands that bring some verve and fun into your life. ☮️


Story MFG is one of the most REAL brands going right now. This funky fun brand uses natural dyes and organic materials in their hand-knit clothing, fusing thoughtfully crafted designs and infusing really lovely energy so you can be sure that your story is sending out GOOD VIBES to help wake this earth up to the coming age of peace, prosperity, and goodwill among men. Story MFG is doing it right, so you can do it right.


Camp high is a stoner brand for the current moment, but really, anybody can enjoy their designs. Their comfy tie-dye sweaters and pants are so darn snuggly. Camp High's acid-chic creations are on a serious roll, having been recently seen on style stars from sports, music, and movies.  Aren't we all just high on life, anyway?

Did I say comfy?

Dr. Collectors

Dr. Collectors is an LA-based brand with European boho sensibilities, producing hyper-wearable clothing for the modern man. While an entire head-to-toe might be a bit adventurous for the average guy who doesn't live in Topanga Canyon, who doesn't want to be adventurous once in a while?

Any of their beautiful jackets, shirts, or pants will give you the I'm-mastering-life-here look.


New York-based Bode is one of the hottest brands going, and Emily Bode's arts-and-crafty creations are top of mind for those who want to add a truly one-of-a-kind look to the style repertoire. If you have the ways and means to get some, by all ways and means get some.


Kelsey Peyton Crane ups the ante with her one-of-a-kind pieces, using unique textiles that she digs up on her world-canvassing trips. She then uses her sustainable skills to hand-craft future vintage pieces. Amazing!

Have fun out there! ✌🏻