Introducing the Pacemaker 10 oz. Denim Herringbone Twill Work Pants, a unique blend of style and durability. These pants are crafted from a 10 oz. herringbone twill denim, intricately woven and dyed, offering the classic fade of denim but with a distinctive twist. The fabric is both robust and comfortable, boasting a textured feel that's a pleasure to wear.

The design includes 6 oz. pocket bags made from Japanese-milled, salt and pepper chambray, providing both strength and style. These front pockets are notably deep, enhancing their utility. Additionally, the pants feature a striking 5 oz. waistband lining, crafted from indigo-dyed, Japanese-milled chambray in a wabash pattern, adding a unique flair to the design. A small, hidden detail is the garment worker's tag, subtly placed in the left pocket bag.

These pants come pre-washed, ensuring they maintain their size and shape without shrinkage. Made entirely from 100% cotton, the 10 oz. Japanese-milled denim offers a high-quality herringbone twill, while the waistband lining and pocket bags add to the premium feel with their own distinct weights and textures. The construction is completed with flat-felled, chainstitched seams along the inseams and outseams, raised belt loops, and bartacks at stress points for enhanced durability.

on sale = Β£180.00 at Those That Know

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