Boot season is in full swing and you know you like you cradle your feet in beautiful leather. Isn't there something sublime about breaking in a new pair of boots, putting in the work to mold something supportive and supple to your own body?

A man may go ten years and realize he's been defined not only by his actions and deeds, but by his boots. So friends, choose wisely when you invest in a quality pair. Go for something that will be with you through the peaks and valleys of your hero's journey.

And why not go forth with style, and with singularity of choice? Consider one of these brands and reap the benefits.

Brandle Boots

Brandle, a subsidiary of Nick's Handmade Boots, has emerged from a 60-year tradition of bootmaking excellence.

In keeping with unwavering dedication to superior quality, Brandle crafts its boots in exclusive, small-scale runs, limiting production to just 20 pairs each month. This intentional strategy guarantees that every aspect receives the full attention of the maker.

These truly beautiful boots cost ample, but if you are going to show longtime love to your feet, give them ample consideration.

BRANDLE 1925 - from $1,200.00 USD

Borden Boots

Borden has looked to subvert the traditional retail model. A commitment to minimize wasteful, excessive inventory sees them sourcing raw materials straight from the suppliers, ranging from leathers to threads. By cutting down on the extra costs in the production chain, they've managed to reduce the retail price while offering beautiful, freshly-made-to-order boots directly from the factory.

Isidro Chelsea boot - $349.00

Caswell Boots

Beautiful boots from this USA-based, produced-in-Spain brand. Caswell offers a truly scintillating variety of styles. If you are fond of brands like Alden and Red Wing but want something a little different, check out Caswell's offerings, including my personal favorite, the "Stanton" washed kangaroo.


Grant Stone Boots

Grant Stone is rewriting the narrative of overseas-made footwear with its Goodyear welt, high-quality materials, and emphasis on craftsmanship. The result is well-fitting shoes and boots that can stand the test of time both in construction and style. Featuring the vaunted Chromexcel leather, exceptional suede, and more, Grant Stone is making some styles that are absolutely beautiful to behold. There are several styles here that I would pick up in a heartbeat.

Brass Boot Bronze Rough Suede - $380

Viberg Boots

With his passion for shoemaking and innovation, 5th-generation bookmaker Brett Viberg has ensured the legacy of this exceptional brand by fusing traditional bootmaking methods with classic shapes and ultra-premium materials. This dedication has allowed the Viberg brand to remain best-in-class and keeps the company moving forward, innovating each year, and the Viberg Service boot is the cream of the crop when it comes to this style.

Viberg Service Boot - $860.00

Unmarked Boots

The inception of UNMARKED was driven by Hugo Fonce's singular ambition: to design a modern shoe that reflects the significance of tradition and creates a memorable impact. Hugo referenced the olden days, honing his shoemaking skills, drawing inspiration from Charles Goodyear's 1869 invention, seeking to integrate the legacy of Mexican shoe craftsmanship.

Over the past decade, Hugo has refined this method, experimenting with novel materials and blending various techniques. The result is a collection of footwear that not only echoes its historical counterparts but also encourages a fresh perspective on heritage.

This brand is offering some absolutely exceptional styles, so please do yourself a favor and browse their website. Don't sleep on this exceptional brand that is pushing the boundaries of new and classic styles!

Chelsea Eco white -$389.00

Favs from these awesome boot brands:

Riot Boots Bison Antique Black
The Riot Bison Antique Black Boots: rugged look, Stormwelt construction, veggie-tanned bison leather. Grip, stability, and style in one!
Jodhpur Black Suede
Handcrafted Mexican Leather Boots: Classic, versatile Jodhpur boots with unique design. Made from Vary wax Calf Leather. Ankle strap and buckle.
Chelsea Toro Workboots Crazy Olive
Upgrade your style with our Toro Workboots. Crafted with durable horse leather, veggie-tanned midsole + insole, and Bilbo rubber half sole for maximum traction. Fast delivery with our Ready to Ship collection!
Hiker - Antique Phoenix
The Hiker, or Model 66, was added to our collection in the early 1970s as mountaineering-inspired version of our Model 105 Logging Boot. We set out to create a boot that is suitable for alpine trekking that features the functional utility of our industrial products, and the final result is the Hiker.
Halkett Boot - Tan Calf
Inspired by a Canadian Military Officer boot, the Halkett is a Derby-style boot that sits above the ankle, and acts as a formal counterpart to our iconic Service Boot®. Like the Bastion Oxford, the Halkett features a tightly trimmed waist and heel that is created using a round blade that counters the shape of the last.
Service Boot® 2040 BCT - Black Tumbled Shell Cordovan
The timeless design and rugged durability of the Service Boot® are synonymous with the Viberg brand and have been since 1931. Our iconic Stitchdown Service Boot® features a double row of stitching that attaches the upper to the sole. Because the upper is turned outward before being attached to the sole, Stitchdown cons
Burgundy leather boots
Our Burgundy stitch-down Chelsea boots are inspired by the heritage code of the men’s fashion industry, which is combined with sustainable production, gold-rated leathers, and high-quality raw materials to produce an affordable pair of vintage boots. The Isidro boots will resist a long time and are built to last.
A tribute to nearly a century of craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to excellence rooted in the Pacific Northwest. The 1925 draws inspiration from the rugged elegance of vintage PNW logging boots, weaving together heritage and modern sophistication. 1925 Last The 1925’s sleek almond-shaped toe profile, is a te
Field Boot Saddle Tan
The Field Boot pattern is dedicated to the long weekends spent outdoors. It has the feel of a vintage leather hunting boot, utilizing stout leathers and the time-tested Goodyear-welt construction. Most importantly, leather components are used throughout the boot to create the foundation to withstand years of wear. The
Brass Boot Black Chromexcel
The Brass Boot combines robust leathers, rugged outsoles, and all-day comfort. The moc toe is hand-sewn onto a one-piece vamp. The Floyd last features the same locked-in heel control but with higher walls at the toe box to allow forefoot freedom. This boot utilizes our lug sole, which is designed for harsher conditions
Ottawa Boot Midnight Suede
Introducing a limited run of a deep navy Midnight Suede on the hand-sewn Ottawa pattern. We chose natural stained welts and a double-bend leather outsole to give a crisp contrast to the rich calf suede. Components Goodyear-welt construction Leo last Charles F. Stead calf suede upper Full-grain kip leather lining Bra
Garrett - Big Sky Natural Calf
THE LEATHER: Big Sky Natural Calf features a pure aniline finish and a natural base color. The texture of the leather is enhanced by a semi chrome tannage and a distinct application of emulsified rolled wax. Release date: JAN 19, 2024 THE DETAILS (As shown in photo) Gallun Big Sky Natural Calf Hand-welted 270° Fla
Potomac - Cognac Shrunken Bison
Introducing the Potomac Cap Toe Boot in Cognac Shrunken Bison, featuring Big Horn, a premier shrunken bison leather with a polished surface grain. Each boot showcases unique grain patterns inherent to American bison, with variations both within and across each side. Our sizing range has been expanded to include size
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