Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first real grail of the year, spotted first at Haven. So let's chat about this Olive Visvim Copleston Field Parka 3L DMGD for a sec. It's like a masterclass in what Visvim stands for: top-notch quality and design that slays. They've taken this o.g. looking field jacket and really gone to town, using this super dense oxford fabric that's beefed up with a 3-layer laminate. It's all about keeping you durable and protected...and wearing Vis.

Here's where it gets even mas Vis - they've treated it with their own natural dye. Not only does it give you this deep, earth-friendly color, but it also adds this worn-in vibe that we all want in our military-chic garb. And they didn't stop there; the jacket is decked out with all these custom bits and bobs: there's logo seam tape that's just so Visvim, a Swiss riri zipper that's smooth as butter, plus these sturdy water buffalo buttons and snaps that really pop.

  • It's made with that tightly woven oxford fabric, layered up for extra toughness.
  • Got that cool, damaged look thanks to a special treatment.
  • The dye's all-natural, which is better for the planet and looks amazing.
  • It's a bit oversized, so you've got room to move.
  • For closure, you've got this custom SWISS riri zip that's a breeze to use, plus snap and flap pockets up on the chest for your essentials.
  • Down lower, there are big snap and flap pockets for your hands or whatever you need to stash.
  • Inside, there's another zipped chest pocket for the important stuff.
  • You can tweak the fit with the adjustable drawcord at the waist and button-adjustable cuffs to keep things snug.
  • And those custom touches? The logo seam tape, Swiss riri zipper, water buffalo buttons, and snaps all make this jacket stand out from the crowd.
  • Oh, and it's made in Japan, which is pretty cool, too.

So yeah, this parka's a real testament to blending tradition with innovation, all wrapped up in a jacket that's as functional as it is stylish. Get out your credit card or dump out the piggy bank and get it while the gettin's good.

$2,661.00 at Haven

Copleston Field Parka 3L DMGD Olive | HAVEN
The Visvim Copleston Field Parka 3L DMGD in Olive is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and design. This field jacket is meticulously craf…
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