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The Majestic Kapital Ring Coat

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The Style Hierophant
Jan 26, 2024 • 5 min read

In the realm of style alchemy, where threads are spun not merely from cotton but from the very fabric of the cosmos, there exists a garment of such profound enigma and allure that it transcends mundane world fashion.

Behold, the Kapital Ring Coat, a tapestry woven with the threads of myth and legend, a piece that serves not only as a shield against the elements but as a portal to otherworldly realms of style and substance.

This is 4th-dimensional style at its finest.

Kapital, the illustriously-quirky atelier behind this magnificent creation, is no mere brand, my acolyte! It is a sanctum of the highest order, serving the most Dionysian of demigods in the pantheon of fashion deities.

Birthed in the beating heart of Japan, a land steeped in ancient traditions and prophetic whispers, Kapital draws its lifeblood from the rich tapestry of heritage, soulful blend of history, culture, and an indomitable spirit of innovation. This is a house where the looms sing songs of wabi-sabi goodness, where denim is not just fabric but the canvas for a grand tapestry of human endeavor and artistic expression.

The Ring Coat, in its majestic splendor, is a testament to WIZARD Kapital's alchemical prowess. Each stitch is a spell, each fold a secret, with the ring itself—a symbol of unity, infinity, and the cyclical nature of the cosmos—serving as the focal point around which the garment's magic swirls.

This coat is not simply worn; it is invoked, a garment that wraps the wearer in layers of mystique, conjuring images of arcane scholars, wandering mystics, and space-time wanderers.

As you drape you Ring Coat over your shoulders, you might feel as if you've been anointed by The Jedi themselves, chosen to carry forth a legacy ethereal and the earthly with unparalleled finesse and bomb-arse aplomb. You are not merely dressed; you are adorned in a tapestry of dreams, a cloak that whispers of distant lands, ancient rites, and the eternal dance of AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

So let us pay homage to Kapital, assembler of dreams, weavers of the tapestry. Fabric becomes lore, clothing becomes legend, hype beasts outgrow the mundane to become custodians of a mystical heritage. The Kapital Ring Coat is a key, a talisman, nay a fragment of the universe itself, lovingly crafted for the wanderers, the dreamers, and the guardians of the sacred thread that binds us all.

The Kapital Ring Coat: Many Versions for your delight

10 oz Denim RING Coat - Navy
The Denim Ring Coat from Kapital offers a variety of styling options, allowing single, double, or triple breasted closures. The large plackets can be folded back on themselves to create a shawl collar style. It features a series of buttons and drawcords that can adjust the shape of the coat. Finished with a signature o
Katsuragi Cotton RING Coat - Black
The Katsuragi Ring Coat is a mainstay in the Kapital collection and has become a fan favorite. Landing somewhere between a double breasted jacket and deck jacket, this oversized hooded jacket can be worn several different ways making it a unique piece that everyone will interpret differently. Black…
Katsuragi Cotton RINGCOAT (RAINBOWY INSANE) - Black
Kapital KOUNTRY Ring Coat distressed by craftsmen from KOUNTRY. Color: Black. Large size that covers the body like a sleeping bag Voluminous collar(hoody) keeps your neck warm which can be town-use but also outdoor Ribs are attached to the inside of the cuffs for the good fit, cold protection, and ease of the movement Distressed Various patches There are individual differences because it is a reconstructed item.
Kapital Katsuragi Ring Coat, Black
The Iconic Ring Coat from Kapital offers a multitude of styling options, allowing single, double, or triple breasted closures. The large plackets can be...
Katsuragi Cotton RING Coat - Khaki
Taking inspiration from a classic military parka, then running wild with it, the Katsurgari Cotton RING Coat from Kapital has plenty of bulk to keep you nice and warm and offers multiple styling options with the double-breasted front closure and collar. Made from durable yet soft cotton twill and ta…
KAPITAL | RIP STOP BRUSH-CAMO Alpine Ringcoat Made in Japan The oversize fit makes it feel like a sleeping bag especially if you unbutton the tip of the hood. With an abundance of pockets, the coat is well suited for city life and surviving nature. The fabric is rather thin, making it a great coat f…
Katsuragi Cotton Tall RING Coat - Gold
The Ring Coat is one of those Kapital pieces that define the brand. Somewhere between a peacoat, a kimono, and a Jedi cloak in form, the Ring Coat is infinitely versatile and always mysterious. The Tall Ring Coat is knee-length, with a massive foldable hood and a perplexing variety of fastening tech…
American Quilt Ring Coat - Ecru
The Ring Coat from Kapital Kountry fuse the traditions of Japanese detail and fit with the functionality of American military gear. The Ring Coat has become one of Kaptial’s most iconic designs, and this handmade version is a beautiful edition to their roster. Made out of vitnage American patchwork quilts and vitnage o
Kapital Uneven dyed nylon quilted lining ring coat jacket
Description Brand new condition. size Length Sleever length chest hem Inch Inch Inch Inch size1 25.59 36.22 40.55 40.55 size2 27.17 37.01 42.91 42.91 size3 28.74 38.19 45.28 45.28 size Length Sleever length chest hem size1 65cm 92cm 103cm 103cm size2 69cm 94cm 109cm 109cm size3 73cm 97cm 115cm 115cm An inne