In the world of interior design and home aesthetics, the power of a well-chosen piece of furniture is unmatched. At Cortis, where the ethos is always magnetically aligned with unearthing achingly dope treasures, the philosophy extends seamlessly into the realm of furniture.

Just as a pair of classic kicks can elevate an outfit, a thoughtfully selected piece of iconic furniture can set the tone for your entire home.

a white chair with a wooden back rest

Imagine this: each piece of furniture in your space is not just a functional item, but a chapter in the story of your home. It's about more than comfort or utility; it's about expression, history, and art.

brown wooden chair beside plant

These pieces aren't merely placed in a room; they define it. They create conversations, evoke emotions, and inspire awe. Think of the sleek lines of a mid-century modern chair or the bold statement of a Bauhaus-inspired table – these aren't just items to fill space. They are the keystones of your personal sanctuary, setting the mood and reflecting your unique taste.

a couple of chairs sitting on top of a black carpet

In the curated list that follows, we explore 10 iconic furniture pieces that have transcended time and trend. These are pieces that continue to inspire and awe. Each one tells a story, not just of its own design journey, but of the eras and ideals that shaped them. They're more than just furniture; they're a testament to the enduring power of great design.

LC2 Grand Confort Sofa by Le Corbusier (1928):

Known for its black leather cushions and tubular steel frame, this sofa remains a popular choice for high-end homes and upscale hotels.

Zig Zag Chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (1930s)

A simple yet groundbreaking design, this chair is notable for its z-shaped, cantilevered solid wood structure.

Polar Bear Sofa by Jean Royère (1940s):

Known for its curves, this sofa combines unusual design with beauty. A reproduction version is available at France & Son.

Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner (1949):

Combining traditional Chinese lines with a modern Danish aesthetic, this chair is a classic. It's still in production by Carl Hansen & Son.

Saarinen Table (Tulip Table) by Eero Saarinen (1950s):

This table is at the forefront of 'Space Age' curvilinear design.

LC Casiers Standard by Le Corbusier (1925):

A historical storage unit with a compact and unique design, fitting for both residential and office spaces.

Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1929):

This chair blends metal and leather in an elegant design.

Bauhaus Nesting Side Tables by Josef Albers (1926):

Crafted from acrylic-layered glass and solid oak, these tables embody Bauhaus principles.

LC4 Chaise Longue by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand (1928):

A 'relaxing machine' built for ultimate comfort, this chaise longue is a 20th-century furniture icon.

Nelson Platform Bench by George Nelson (1946):

With its clean, rectilinear lines, this bench is a significant piece in modern furniture design history.

It's you space. Go Iconic!

Iconic furniture pieces, much like timeless wardrobe staples, carry with them stories of innovation, design evolution, and cultural significance. They are the physical embodiments of artistic movements, the tangible remnants of design revolutions.

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