Shoes like Solomon from White's x Division Road

Shoes like Solomon from White's x Division Road

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Jul 01, 2024 • 2 min read

Step aside, mere mortals, and behold the White’s x Division Road Burgundy CXL LTT Oxford 300 — a footwear fusion as enthralling as a Solomonic invocation and as resilient as Mad Max battling through the wastelands. These oxfords, reminiscent of Depression-era innovation when shoes had to pull double duty from factory floor to Sunday church pew, are an unheralded nod to versatility and rugged charm.

Picture this: a celestial alignment of practicality and style, wrapped in sumptuous Horween Burgundy CXL leather. This isn’t just any leather; it’s Chromexcel, the arcane concoction cooked up from a near-century-old recipe that spits at the ravages of time. Expect it to age like the finest Bordeaux — nicks and wear revealing a lighter hue, telling a tale of your traverses like ancient constellations mapped out on your feet.

But let’s not stop there, fellow traveler. These shoes are shouldering the lineage of industrial workwear, sporting a lace-to-toe quarter and a lineman patch over the vamp, engineered for both Herculean durability and everyman’s comfort. The bellows tongue and full counter ensure that whether you're waltzing through the urban labyrinth or toiling in the workshop, your feet are draped in style and fortitude.

Masterfully conjured by Eric Kinney, a veritable magus of shoemaking, these Oxfords are anchored in White’s distinctive stitchdown construction. The multi-paneled upper is like a mystical sigil, allowing these bad boys to be reborn again and again, thanks to comprehensive rebuilds. Meanwhile, the Arch-Ease 55 Last provides a break-in period so graceful, it feels like slipping into a dream.

The enchanted blend doesn’t cease with the leather. Its tonally aligned Natural CXL welt matches seamlessly with a natural-finished leather midsole and half-slip, crowned with a Vibram 2060 industrial walking sole. It’s an ode to function, bar none, purveying both urban sophistication and wilderness survival in equal measure.

Amidst this symphony of craftsmanship, the unstructured toe box gives the façade a low-profile eleganza while ensuring your toes have the room to wiggle, contemplate life, and shuffle through ancient manuscripts if need be. Heavy-duty natural upper threads, brass eyelets, and a custom White’s tongue stamp add the finishing incantations to an already spellbinding artifact.

So, dear acolytes of style, whether you’re channeling some Indiana Jones spirit or channel-surfing through twilight city streets, the White’s x Division Road Burgundy CXL LTT Oxford 300 stands as your steadfast talisman. Built in the U.S.A., it’s not just a shoe; it’s a testament, a relic, a key to unlocking the stylish sorcery of yesteryears with every step you take.