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Trying out a new feature for all the regular readers, and we're going to try to do it consistently. Bringing you the dopest gear and things we can find!

Selvedge Denim Work Shirt by Iron Heart

Elevate your wardrobe with the IHSH-326-IND by Iron Heart, a masterpiece of workwear artistry priced at $350. This indigo work shirt, crafted from 12oz Japanese selvedge denim, is designed to offer unparalleled durability and style. With its distinctive white snaps and rich indigo hue, it promises to age gracefully, bearing the marks of your personal journey.

Prepared for immediate wear with a sanforized and one-washed treatment, this shirt is a testament to the synergy of timeless design and enduring craftsmanship. Available for $350, it is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a commitment to quality that stands the test of time.

IHSH-326-IND 12oz Selvedge Denim Work Shirt With Snaps - Indigo
One of Iron Heart’s longest running and most popular work shirts made from a 12oz indigo selvedge denim, but this time finished with snaps, not buttons. Great fade potential if you put the work in. Made in Japan Work shirt 12oz Japanese selvedge denim Indigo rope dyed warp / natural weft - will fade with wear and washi

Make it a part of your story by visiting Brooklyn Clothing.

Matcha Bowl, Ichiyama, Hagoromo

Embrace the serene art of Japanese tea ceremonies with the exquisite "Hagoromo" Matcha Bowl from Ichiyama. Crafted with the time-honored techniques of Mino-yaki pottery in the heart of Japan, this ceramic masterpiece reps the rich heritage of Mino Province's renowned stoneware tradition.

Measuring 4.5" x 3", this matcha bowl is delicately shaped from clay, offering a tangible connection to the earthy roots of Japanese craftsmanship. Its size and form are thoughtfully designed to enhance the matcha whisking experience, allowing the vibrant green tea to froth beautifully within its confines.

Matcha Bowl, Ichiyama, Hagoromo
This ceramic is called Mino-yaki (美濃焼) or Mino ware that is a style of Japanese pottery, stoneware, and ceramics. It is produced in Mino Province, mainly in the cities of Tajimi, Toki, Mizunami, and Kani in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. Made In Japan Size: 4.5″ x 3″ Material: Clay Product #: ICH20 Code: NWS No micro

Available for purchase at Kiriko Made for $38.

THE LANCASTER 041 by Vortic

Dive into the timeless elegance with "The Lancaster 041," a watch that not only tells time but narrates a rich history, all for $6,800. This 45mm marvel is a tribute to the legacy of luxury automobiles and the unrivaled craftsmanship of the Packard Motor Car Company.

Encased in a bold DLC-coated stainless steel case, this watch features a beautifully patinaed dial adorned with raised gold numerals and solid kite hands, echoing the grandeur of the 1927 Hamilton pocket watch it once was. The machined bronze crown and moss strap further accentuate its distinguished allure, making it a symbol of sophistication and heritage.

"The Lancaster 041" isn't just a watch; it's a wearable piece of history, powered by a restored 17-jewel Hamilton movement that harks back to an era when watches were a testament to American ingenuity. With a manual wind function and a power reserve of approximately 36 hours, this timepiece is a perfect blend of antique charm and modern functionality. Each glance at your wrist is a reminder of the distinguished legacy and the timeless elegance that "The Lancaster 041" brings to the fore.

The Lancaster 041 (45mm)
What makes the Lancaster 041 unique: Known for its durable quality and innovative designs, the Packard Motor Car Company epitomized the standard of luxury automobiles in America for almost 60 years. The Packard slogan “Ask the man who owns one” reflects the company’s confidence in its product, allowing customers to hav

Discover this exquisite timepiece and make it a part of your collection by visiting Vortic Watches.

Loose Tapered Selvedge Denim Used Blue

Step into a world where denim transcends mere fabric, becoming a canvas of lived experiences with this denim from Hatski. Meticulously crafted in Japan, this style channels the essence of relaxed sophistication. The denim boasts a loose, gently tapered silhouette offers a rounded profile that's flattering and cool. Cut from a substantial 15.6 ounce Japanese selvedge denim, this pair is thick yet invitingly soft, featuring a bio stone washed finish that imbues each pair with a distinct, worn-in character.

Loose Tapered Selvedge Denim Used Blue
The loose tapered cut is HATSKI’s slightly relaxed, casual fit jean. It features a rounded silhouette with room around the hips, a loose fitting waist, and a gentle taper towards the hem. Cut from 15.6 ounce Japanese selvedge denim, which is thick and tightly woven yet soft and slightly textured. Bio stone washed for a used or worn-in appearance. Made in Japan.

Embrace the fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and timeless design by adding these to your wardrobe from Calculus Victoria. From HATSKI, available at $255.

Zip Liner Jacket Merino Mix Fairisle

Wrap yourself in the cozy embrace of this unique linter-style coat by Universal Works. It's functionality with a flair of traditional charm. This jacket, inspired by the practicality of military liner jackets, is reimagined as a contemporary zip cardigan that stands out with its unique take on the classic Fairisle pattern.

The jacket boasts a wide, loose fit that ensures comfort and ease of layering, making it an ideal piece for transitioning through seasons. The overlaid exposed two-way front zipper adds a modern touch to its design, allowing for versatile styling options, while the two angled front patch pockets offer practicality without compromising style.

Zip Liner Jacket Merino Mix Fairisle
The zip liner jacket is one of Universal Works’ most appreciated fall / winter layering pieces. The design is based on a standard military jacket liner, and functions both as liner, and zip cardigan in its contemporary form. Cut from an Italian fleece fabric featuring a new take on a classic Fairisle wool pattern.

Embrace this blend of sporty fleece and Italian craftsmanship by visiting Calculus to make it yours, now at $211, down from $263.


Savor the art of coffee with the FORM 0022 Seasonal Blend from HEX Coffee Roasters, a harmonious blend priced at $18 for a 10oz bag. This coffee is a symphony of structure and formation, an experiment in marrying diverse elements to craft a new, complementary ensemble with a fresh purpose. With 50% 'Esperanza De Las Flores' from Cauca, Colombia, and 50% 'Proyecto Cabañas' from Santa Barbara, Honduras, this blend is a testament to simplicity and complexity living in harmony. The washed processing of these mixed field blends results in a cup that's inviting yet profound, strong yet elegant, embodying the ethos of "less but better" as championed by Dieter Rams.

The FORM 0022 is not just a coffee; it's a design philosophy in a cup, constantly evolving with the seasonality of coffee to offer a simple yet complex profile that delights with every sip. Roasted on Tuesdays and shipped the following day, HEX ensures that each batch reaches you at its peak freshness, ready to awaken your senses and elevate your coffee experience.

FORM 0022 // Seasonal Blend
This coffee is an expression of structure and formation -- an experiment in taking differing elements to create a new complementary arrangement with new purpose, while retaining the elegance and complexity of the starting pieces. Our approach is to focus on simplicity. Remove the unnecessary and let the details work to

Dive into the world of meticulously crafted coffee at HEX Coffee Roasters and let the FORM 0022 Seasonal Blend become a cherished part of your daily ritual.

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