Ahoy there, mateys! Cast anchor your eyes on this Double RL Shawl Cardigan โ€“ a salty sea dog of a sweater, seasoned with a patchwork of textured stitches in true indigo and garment-dyed black. It's like wearin' the ocean itself, woven up warm and cozy. Fits like a dream, true to size, with pockets for yer grog and treasures, a collar that cuddles like a friendly kraken, and genuine horn buttons engraved with anchors โ€“ ahoy, ahoy.

So if yer tired of shiverin' like a mermaid in a squall, haul yerself into this Double RL masterpiece. It'll make ye feel like the captain of yer own destiny, sailin' through life with the wind at yer back and the sun warmin' yer bones.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Soft wool-cotton blend: Like a gentle wave lappin' at yer shores.
  • Patchwork construction: Every stitch a tale of your personal high seas.
  • Indigo-dyed yarns with a black garment-dyed finish: Deep as the ocean's heart, with a touch of weathered charm.
  • Two waist patch pockets: Stash yer doubloons and lucky charms.
  • Anchor-engraved genuine horn buttons: Ahoy, ahoy, ahoy Every detail tells a story.
  • Comfortable shawl collar: Snuggle up like a contented sea lion.

So weigh anchor and set sail for Double RL. This Shawl Cardigan ain't just a sweater, it's an adventure.

Patchwork Shawl Cardigan - Black
This Shawl Cardigan from Double RL is made with a soft wool-cotton blend thatโ€™s constructed with a unique patchwork of varying textured stitches that have been dyed with true indigo and garment-dyed black for a vintage-inspired finish. It has a traditional fit that runs true to size and comes with a pair of waist patch
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