Summer is coming, and with it the hotter weather. For some, that means abandoning all hope of looking dope and resorting to our baser instincts– to shed layers completely and debase ourselves with bad shorts and worse t-shirts.

But consider an alternative! Shift yon focus to lightweight fabrics that will still allow the layering that we all need to do to make our stylish souls feel oh-so-whole.

Blluemade has you covered in that department from head to toe. These Brooklyn-based titans of wearables put their artisanal touches on fine fabrics (here, linen) to whip up shizz you'll be wearing year-round with no fear, no discomfort, and a high level of confidence.

Go get em' tigers.

Bucket Hat in Koala Linen
Our Belgian linen bucket hat is a classic silhouette. This airy design provides wonderful shade on the hottest days of summer but is substantial enough to be an enjoyable layer in spring and early fall. It’s made with beautiful stonewashed Belgian linen, giving it a soft, comfortable texture. There’s a bit of cotton ri
Jacket Shirt in Koala Linen
We love workwear at blluemade, but are always curious to imagine how traditional items can be updated to feel more contemporary. A chore jacket is a classic, but we felt compelled to transform the idea of it. Instead of the traditional pointed collar, we did our version with a tall neck that can be pulled up to shield
Double Pleat Pant in Koala Linen
Our latest pant embraces a casually sophisticated look. This double pleat style has a gentle volume that isn’t overwhelming, a medium-high rise that can be worn loose for a slouchy effect. Cut long in the leg for a flattering look, this style is wonderful for everyday. ~split~ 100% cotton Fabric made in Italy Natural c

More Linen Goodness from Blluemade

Chore Coat in Khaki Linen
Our chore coat is a classic style inspired by vintage French workwear jackets. We’ve taken our favorite tailoring details--flat-felled seams, four pockets, the bottom two of which wrap around the side, and one of the chest pockets is internal--and tweaked others like the collar shape to make this piece feel fresh. ~sp
Oversized Button Up in Sky Blue Linen
This oversized button up satisfies a craving for longer, more romantic shirting. We were inspired by images of painters wearing smocks or oversized button up shirts for freedom and ease of movement, and especially how these items are styled by the wearer. Rolled at the cuff, pushed up past the elbow, collar flipped up
Noguchi Shirt in Black Seersucker
Our Noguchi shirt is inspired by the workwear styles this talented Asian American artist wore in daily life. Whether carving stone, designing furniture, or relaxing with a cup of tea, Isamu Noguchi always seemed to wear clothes with an effortless ease that suited every occasion. This mentality of dressing is a core ins
Linen Tee in White
Our first jersey tee is here. This item has been in the works for years and at last we arrived at what felt to us the ideal unisex linen tee. Not too long or too short, not too clingy or too loose... this is the Goldilock’s fit of linen tees. This Japanese linen jersey fabric is light without being too sheer. The crew
Cap in Olive Green Linen
Nothing beats the airiness of linen, making this hat ideal for summer’s hottest days. This cap is made with beautiful stonewashed Belgian linen, giving it a soft, comfortable texture. There’s a bit of cotton ribbon for structure at the seams and hardly anything else, in order to maximize the breathability. The bill, un
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