I've talked to many dudes lately who are frightened at the idea of moving to looser-fit pants, even though the zeitgeist has squarely confirmed the value of sizing up and mellowing out your fit. And I get it. Sometimes, it's hard enough just to think about moving to a straight-fit jean after getting used to the leg-huggers.

But give it a shot, and it gets easier. It's just a pair of pants, ya'll.

And let's put it this way, brothers. If you are rocking athleisurewear, just think of these looser-fits as the antidote to the "comfort" that you've become used to.

How about you just trust me? Let's find you some baggier pants, featuring some of the fantastic selection at Santa Barbara's Jake and Jones.

Pilgrim Surf + Supply Salathe Twill Climbing Pant

The Athleisurewear Killers

Picture this: Pilgrim Surf + Supply rolls through like a tidal wave with these Salathe Twill Climbing Pants in the Navy color. These joints are HANDCRAFTED from ultra-high density Japanese ventile cotton twill, making them as DURABLE as an old-school Nokia brick phone.

Now, let's dive into the DETAILS. These pants are packed with features like a fully loaded SUV. The elastic waist with a webbing belt? That's like a seatbelt for your waist, keeping everything LOCKED IN PLACE.

The dropped crotch with a gusset is like having a personal yoga instructor in your pants, giving you FLEXIBILITY for days. And the pockets? More pockets than a pool table, all secured with snap and zipper closures. You could fit your whole LIFE in these pants, no cap.

Whether you're scaling mountains or just scaling the block, these pants will have you looking as FRESH as a farmers' market.

The Elegant and the Dope

Once upon a time, in a land where the knights of style reigned supreme and the artisans of cool were worshipped for their foresight, there existed a pair of trousers so marvelous, so utterly splendid, that they could only be described as the Auralee Linen Silk Tweed Slacks in Dark Navy.

These slacks were no ordinary pants, oh no. They were crafted from a magical blend of high-quality linen and irregularly textured silk naps, creating a fabric that was as powerful as it was rough and uneven.

It was a tweed material, but not just any tweed. This tweed, the KINGS TWEED, was thoroughly washed in a special finish, imbuing it with softness, firmness, and breathability, making it perfect for even the warmest of summer days.

Ya, anyway, just give em' a shot cause they look dope.

Applied Art Forms DM1-1 Japanese Cargo Pants 

The New Vintage

In a world where fashion and function intertwine, there exists a pair of pants dubbed the Applied Art Forms DM1-1 Japanese Cargo Pants in Treated Grey.

These cargo pants are no ordinary trousers, yon shopper. They are crafted from a special Japanese cotton fabric, which possesses the softness of a kitten's fur and the strength of a lion's roar. Or something like that.

But the wonders don't stop there, oh no. The DM1-1 is an interpretation of a Swedish-issue deadstock item, a piece of history rebirthed not by skilled midwives, but by skilled Japanese artisans.

Perhaps the most enchanting aspect of these pants is the garment-dyeing process. The artisans have taken great care to create a characterful colour and wear, making sure these nascent pants grow up early, with a story tell.

Samuel Zelig Ballet Pant

The Extra Unique Cause You Deserve It

Behold, the Samuel Zelig Ballet Pant in Chore Blue – a masterpiece of craftsmanship that will make your legs dance with joy!

They feature intricately embroidered legs, a spectacularly aged fabric, and a relaxed fit that will make you feel like you're floating on air. Inspired by an illustrated pair of trousers from the early 1900s, the original hand-drawn art has been elevated into a more permanent embroidery throughout, losing no detail in the process.

Don't let the delicate embroidery fool you—these pants are built to last. With triple-needle lap seams, they're as durable as they are beautiful. And the fit? Simply sublime. A relaxed high-rise top block and subtly tapered legs, paired with an elasticated waistband and internal drawstring, ensure a perfect fit every time.

orSlow Vintage Fit Army Trousers

The Solid and Easy

These brilliant chino trousers are built to the same exacting standards as the grail vintage pieces of yesteryear.

With a classic high rise and straight leg, these trousers perfectly capture the essence of vintage military style.

But what really sets them apart is the meticulous attention to detail in recreating the iconic cramerton-style chino.

The result is a clean, modern take on a timeless classic that will wear beautifully.

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