Hark, my fashion-forward brethren, for the cosmic tides of style have shifted!

The age of the slim-fit pant, once a shining beacon in the galaxy of garments, has been eclipsed by a new celestial body: the bigger pant.

'Tis time to break free tight gravitational pulls of this ball-hugging trend and set sail on the starship of looser style. The slim-fit pant, with its promises of comfort and ease, is now considered nothing more than a black hole of discomfort and restriction. 'Tis a space pirate, plundering your legs of their freedom and leaving you stranded on the desolate planet of fashion faux pas.

Fear not, sublunary travellers, for salvation is within reach. The bigger pant, in all its grandeur, shall be your kesslerun through the asteroid belt of style. Liberate yon legs from the tyrannical grip of the slim-fit and allowing them to dance among the nebulae of comfort and coolness.

Tune your radar to my frequency, denizens of dopeness, for the time to take action is nigh! Jettison slim-fit into the void and welcome the bigger pant aboard your style spaceship. Wrap yon legs in the luxurious fabric of relaxed-fit denim, the gentle embrace of wide-leg chinos, and the antigravity awesomeness of pleated trousers.

For those who stubbornly cling to the slim-fit pant, I deliver this dire warning: beware! The slim-fit is a shredded, burnt star, and those stuck in its orbit are sucked into the black hole of irrelevance. The bigger pant is the escape pod you must board, lest ye forever drift in uncharted depths of style oblivion.

Brave explorers, heed my wisdom and embrace the bigger pant with heart soul and gusto. 'Tis the key to unlocking the wormhole to fashion nirvana, the secret to navigating the treacherous nebulae of trends.

Go forth and spread the interstellar gospel of the bigger pant, and may the fashion gods shower you with stardust and style in all your cosmic endeavors.

More baggy n' loose n' kinda loose men's pants and jeans for your immediate consumption:

Samurai Jeans SJ48DP 15oz Wide Straight Chino
This heavyweight Chino is something really special the design itself is heavily based on Japanese vintage work pants of the 1960s and uses a neppy 15oz Otokogi selvedge denim, a signature creation of the brand that ensure that this piece will outlast any fickle fashion trends. Made from 100% Texas cotton, this denim is
Indigofera - Kirk 29 Handdip Wide Leg Jeans
Kirk, Indigofera’s high waist, wide leg jean. 13 oz denim Fabric made in Japan Cut and sewn in Portugal
Shop Dawson Denim Wide Leg Chinos, inspired by Military issue Chino’s from WW2 worn by the pilots of the USAF. Each pair is made from an 8 oz. cotton twill that mirrors the original WW2 quality and feel.
Frizmworks Denim Wide Fatigue Pants in Light Blue | Wallace Mercantile
Shop the latest clothing from Frizmworks. Free shipping is now available from Wallace Mercantile Shop.
CHIMALA UNISEX CS36-WP07 MEDIUM DISTRESS Relaxed straight leg Released hem Natural indigo dye Woven on 1930’s looms Selvedge denim Made in Japan Hand distressed Slight mud wash Material: 100% cotton Model is 5′ 10″, 125 lbs wearing size 28″ Material: 100% cotton
Aton Suvin Corduroy Easy Wide Pants in Charcoal Gray | Wallace Mercant
Shop the latest clothing from Aton. Free shipping is now available from Wallace Merantile Shop.
Samurai SJ48CP - 15oz Heavy Khaki Wide Chino
We’ve not seen a chino as heavy duty as these Samurai SJ48CPs. Woven on old power looms, these chinos come in at a whopping 15oz with fabric made of a very thick thread that’s been sulfur-dyed. The design is based off 1960s Japanese workwear, and this version is features a wide leg and higher rise.
THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL - Stretch Twill Wide Tapered Field Pants - NT5359N
Stretch Twill Wide Tapered Field Pants リサイクルポリエステルストレッチツイルを使用したワイドテーパードドパンツ。ほどよいストレッチ性とスムーズなタッチ感が特徴のオリジナル素材です。ウエストはゴムシャーリングとベルトループ、右腰はダブルポケット仕様。股下には脚の可動域を広げるマチが付き。シルエットは、ゆるやかなワイドテーパードカットになります。 商品の詳細 原産国: 中国 カラー: セージグリーン(SG) / ダークネイビー(DN) / ブラック(K) サイズ: W30, W32, W34, W36 素材: ポリエステル53% / 複合繊維(ポリエステル)42% / ポリウレタン5% モデル着用
Wide Leg Utility Crop Jean - Rusty Wash
The Wide Leg Utility Crop Jean from Wrangler is a tribute to Wrangler’s storied legacy. Detailed with a utility pocket on the right, two oversize pockets in the front and two back pockets. Finished with a high-rise waist and wide crop hem. Rusty wash High-rise waist 2 oversized waist pockets Utility pocket on right leg
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