Single-Varietal, washed Caturra from Finca La Esperanza, in the region of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Grown at an elevation of 1400 meters.

We originally brought in this Caturra to blend, but after tasting it, we decided it could stand on its own. We have been surprised by this offering from producer Mauricio Paguaga, whose Caturra is well balanced with a ton of sweetness and caramel.

This farm neighbors Finca L’Andrea, where we source the Catuai that is a staple coffee for us here at Bonito. This region has produced many of the first-place winners of Nicaragua’s Cup of Excellence, often with cupping scores in the high 80s and low 90s. We hope you enjoy this season’s Caturra from La Esperanza!

Roaster’s Notes: Green apple, caramel, hazelnut. Medium to full body, medium-high acidity.

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