Happy Dad Hat Day

Happy Dad Hat Day

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François Varie
Aug 01, 2022 • 4 min read

Hey, dad. I see you out there doing your dad thing, giving your all.

Lugging that kid around on your chest to get em' to sleep.

Dashing out in the middle of the night to the all-hours drugstore to get some dye-free Tylenol. Or to the gas station that stays open 24/7 to get bananas, cause they have the best bananas in town. And cause they are open. And cause the only thing that will get your 2-year-old to stop crying at 2 a.m. is a damn banana from the damn gas station.

I see you at the park, doing your best. Squeezing your dad body into some plastic nook nobody your size belongs in. Launching off some old death slide perfectly shaped to kill you. Sweating your butt off cause your kid wants to play tag or hide-n-seek or tag with their damn dad.

I see you at 1 p.m. at the local movie theater, shoving a large popcorn into a bunch of smaller boxes so you can keep getting refills for the kids as they take in the latest Pixar joint.

I see you reading that goodnight story, falling asleep halfway through and wondering how you can be asleep and still reading at the same time.

You rock. Let's find you some dope hats to wear.

Happy Dad Hat Day.

Happy Dad Hat Technical Hat


If you are the kind of dad who purchased a special backpack to carry your kid around on technical hiking trails, this is the hat for you.

It's Gore-Tex and super light, and it's from techwear geniuses ACRONYM. You can do absolutely anything in this extreme bucket cap.

Happy Dad Hat Leather Hat

This hat from Hender Scheme will give you traditional dad vibes powers, while also keeping it modern and luxurious without looking like you are trying to be modern and luxurious if you catch my drift.

📸Hender Scheme

Happy Dad Day Japanese Fishing Hat of Awesomeness

This Beams Plus cap is a dad hat in every way, glorious and wonderful, just like you in all of your fatherly splendor. Yes, you will teach your kid to fish one day, and to return the fish to the very lake from which it came, with the blessings of the great spirit that watches over us all.

This hat is awesome. You are awesome. This hat is awesome like you.

Happy Dad Hat Day Rugged Hat

This rugged hat by RRL is rugged like you, rugged dad, and like you, it's rugged right out of the box. Sure you tend the goats. Sure you clear the yard with a chainsaw. Sure you read Walt Whitman in your spare time while the nature photos you took on your trip to Yosemite are developing in your homemade darkroom. And this hat does not of that, which would make the hat less rugged than you.

But, as Hat is being worn by you while you do these things, it becomes infused with your ruggedness. Creating an object perfectly suited to sit on the dashboard of your rugged truck when you remove it from your perfectly-sweaty-but-not-too-sweaty head.

📸Get it at Ralph Lauren

Happy Dad Hat Cool Slogan Hat

Believe in your adventures! I like the slogan on this hat by Nanga, and you will too if you are a good-vibey dad like me.

📸End Clothing

Happy Dad Hat Coolest Dad in The World Hat

You know who you are. You are the coolest dad in the world.

Here's your hat.

Keep up the good work, dad!