How to Make a Great Pour-Over Coffee

How to Make a Great Pour-Over Coffee

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François Varie
Jan 14, 2023 • 2 min read

Making a fantastic cup of coffee with the pour-over method can seem daunting for the coffee newbie. After all, there are numerous techniques to consider and various tools to use - no wonder folks just throw up their hands and reach for the Keurig.

But don’t despair. With the right knowledge and a few simple tools, you can rise above mediocrity, and produce an exceptional cup of pour-over coffee.

Making Your Pour-Over

The first step is to choose your favorite coffee beans.  Ideally, you should choose lighter, more acidic coffees like those grown in Central and South America. These coffees have brighter flavors that will really stand out in the cup with the pour-over method.

Next, you’ll need to get the right equipment. A pour-over filter holder attached to a carafe or mug is all you really need, but it’s helpful to have an adjustable grinder and a digital scale to measure out your beans. (Once you get your technique dialed in, you can invest in a Origami or a Chemex coffee maker).

The grinder should be set to medium-fine, just fine enough to extract the coffee’s full flavor without clouding the cup with too much sediment.

Whole beans are crucial for a great cup of pour-over coffee, as pre-ground beans will quickly lose their flavor and aroma.

Now it’s time for the actual process of making pour-over coffee:

Pour-over coffee on a marble table
The Origami is a great pour-over apparatus

1. Measure out your desired amount of coffee beans into the filter, around 20-25g per 8oz of water, and place it in the filter holder.

2. Heat up 350ml of water until it reaches 195-204°F  and then place the filter holder on top of your carafe or mug.  

3. Slowly pour 50ml of water over the grounds to “bloom” them and release trapped gasses, and then wait for around 30 seconds for the bloom to finish before continuing.

The Chemex is another well-known, well-regarded method of making a pour-over.

4. Slowly and evenly pour the remaining 300ml of water over the grounds in a spiral pattern until all the water has been used up. Make sure that you keep an even pouring rate, as this helps ensure that all the grounds will be evenly extracted of their flavor.

5. Finally, remove the filter holder from your carafe or mug and enjoy.

With these simple steps, you can make an exceptional cup of pour-over coffee in no time. So don’t be afraid to try out this delicious brewing method - you won’t regret it.