Let's talk about the mighty bandana. This oft-forgotten but hyper-carryable accessory enjoyed a resurgence during the global pandemic for the same reason it was kinda-popular before all that: versatility. Fellas, don't put away your bandana. Make it part of your next normal.

But what's the best way for men to wear a bandana? How can you integrate this time-honored piece of decorative cloth into your personal style? Well, that's up to you. But we can help you out here today. Let's go.

There are a few solid ways in which you can wear the bandana. On your head, around the neck, and around the wrist. Loose, tight, knotted, wound, tied, all of that. All of these options will add some utilitarian flair to your style game.

Bandanas Worn in the Hair as An Accessory

how to wear a bandana

Bandanas are great to have to wear in your hair when you need them. While this isn't our top recommendation to do every day, the bandana can add a bit of flair to your overall vibe and help you stand out among all the dudes wearing baseball caps.

While you need to be careful how you work it into your overall look, the bandana is always going to be a versatile accessory for your styling needs. So let's talk about how to wear a bandana in your hair.

How to Wear a Bandana Tied Around Your Head in a Headband Style

how to wear a bandana

Tied uniformly with no drape, a bandana is a great solution to use as a headband. This look is a utilitarian scenario that is especially helpful for men with long hair while playing sports or hiking.

Caution: if you are going to use the bandana upon your head, make sure your bandana is either a classic paisley print look or something unique. There is a risk with this style to look a little bit "country", but then again if you are pairing it with your Fu-Manchu mustache while tailgating at a Nascar race, you could probably care less about coming off as a little rednecky.

How to wear a bandana tied Around Your Head with an Open Fold in The Back

With this style, the bandana is tied uniformly in the front and left loose in the back. This style gives off a nice low-fat granola vibe that will pair well with your Birkenstock clogs and Patagonia fleece, or some variation of that. This is another style that we recommend for men with long hair who don't want to fuss with their beautiful locks.

How to Wear a Bandana Tied Around Your Head with the Knot Forward

how to wear a bandana

For this option, just tie the bandana around your head and flip it around so the knot is forward. This style was popularized by rappers like Tupac Shakur, so it certainly retains the hip-hop vibe. Take that into account when you rock your bandana like this, and if this is the look you are going for, go ahead and own it. It's definitely a confident and powerful look for those who can pull it off.

Wearing a Bandana Around Your Neck

Wearing a bandana around your neck is a great way to add some confident flair to your game, and in this day and age it serves a utilitarian purpose above and beyond the traditional uses. Take this opportunity to start wearing a bandana around your neck— it's a really nice style to have in your arsenal of looks.

How to Wear a Bandana Tied Around Your Neck With No Drape

how to wear a bandana

Tying a bandana uniformly around your neck is one way to do it. This is another excellent look if you are going for the gorpy, outdoorsy look. It's also preferable during the summertime if you are wearing shirts and shorts and want some type of neck-bound protection.

How to Wear a Bandana Tied Around Your Neck Loosely

how to wear a bandana

This style is a little more casual. And it's exceptionally useful during a global pandemic. This method of wearing a bandana is best when paired with a denim western, t-shirt, or flannel shirt, and it gives off an air of nonchalance.

Depending on the bandana itself, this can lend your look an air of the casual, or even dress up your look a bit if tucked into an overshirt or CPO shirt as part of an ace layering scenario. To achieve this style of wearing your bandana, just tie it in the back and let the rest of it drape down your neck. You are good to go, Billy da kid.

How to Wear a Bandana as a Mask

how to wear a bandana.

Ask a friend to help you out with this one.

How to Wear a Bandana Just Tied It On Something Else

how to wear a bandana

Who knew you don't have to wear a bandana to wear a bandana? You can tie it around the strap of your gym bag, your messenger bag, or your bike. Then if you need it, you've got easy access to it. In a pinch, a bandana can be used to:

  • keep long hair back while you work out or play sports.
  • Wipe your nose if you have a cold
  • To chivalrously put over a muddy puddle for a lady to walk over
  • The pandemic mask thing

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