What's the 411, my 20s-not-80s? Are you enjoying the nascent summer, finding the good air, surfing the sonic waves, vibing hard with the most zen-charged frequencies out there? If you ain't, you should be.

We're talking New Age music, fam, the kind of ethereal tunes that hook you with their chilled-out rhythms and keep you afloat in an ocean of tranquility. This stuff is like audible ASMR, perfect for those mindful meditation sessions, or when you just need a sweet, sonic retreat from the hustle and chaos. Trust.

The Kings (and Queen) of New Age Music

The gurus of this trippy galaxy are a clique of auditory alchemists who've been shaping the soundscapes and dropping the dreamiest tracks for decades. We're dialing in on the 800-pound gorillas of the genre, the unparalleled sound shamans including Anugama, Dean Evenson, David Arkenstone, and Liquid Mind.

These dudes and one oh-so-epic lady aren't just spinning tracks, they're weaving intricate tapestries of aural gold, crafting each harmony to take you on a transcendent journey. Each one's got their own flavor, their own cosmic spin.

So, buckle up, dive in, and let's ride these sound waves into the stratosphere. Because who needs a time machine when you've got New Age music to teleport you to a whole different dimension of relaxation and spiritual growth?

Blast off.


Starting with Anugama, our globe-trotting sonic sensei, this guy's lived everywhere from Cologne to Hawaii and now Fiji, absorbing musical traditions like a cultural sponge. His tunes are like a world tour for your ears, mixing vibes from Hawaiian, Indian, African, and Native American rhythms. Check out "Shamanic Dream" and "Healing" for some long-rage transcendental meditative escapes.

Dean Evenson

Moving on to the elder statesman of the genre, a true sonic Wizard who looks like a tunes-dropping Dumbledore as he raises consciousnesses, Dean Evenson. With over four decades of producing mind-soothing goodness under his belt, his flute-heavey are like your sublime guide to peace and relaxation, and he is known to collab with other giants of the genre. Fusing natural soundscapes with soothing melodies, Dean’s "Sound Healing" and "Forest Rain" are your tickets to a stress-free sanctuary, but I  f%^& with the EPIC trio of healing-titled Evenson albums on the regular: "Healing Waters," "Healing Dreams" and "Healing Sanctuary."

David Arkenstone

Next up, we got David Arkenstone, our aptly-named-for-a-magical-gemstone cinema maestro of New Age music. He's got a sound as expansive as his imagination, blending everything from Celtic echoes to world beats. "In the Wake of the Wind" and "Quest of the Dream Warrior" are standout sonic expeditions that transport you to otherworldly dimensions, although I've found myself strangely transfixed by the 2009 banger "Chillout Lounge" on many an afternoon creative sesh. Why make love to another person when you can just listen to "Soft Sand" on repeat for 75 mins straight? Why indeed.

Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson, the space maestro, crafts tunes that feel like floating in zero gravity. His "Evening Shadows" and "Glidepath" are sonic spaceships, perfect for your meditation and relaxation voyages. He was recently featured in GQ, too, but don't bother reading that— just go straight to the music.

Douglas Spotted Eagle

Douglas Spotted Eagle is about as dope as it gets— the Native American fusion genius, mixes contemporary beats with tribal rhythms like no one else. The Grammy-winning maestro’s "Pray" and "Closer to Far Away" invite you to connect with the earth and your inner spirit. If native-vibed tunes are your jame, the DSE is your man.


Now let's talk Deuter, the New Age trailblazer, who's been dropping serene compositions since the 70s. His "Reiki Hands of Love" and "Koyasan" are peaceful symphonies that masterfully blend East Asian and Western elements. Deuter's albums are consistent bangers— this guy IS new age music.

Liquid Mind

Finally, we're tuning into Liquid Mind, the brainchild of Chuck Wild. If you're looking for the most relaxing tunes in the game, his "Ambience Minimus" and "Unity" got you covered, flowing like a serene stream into your soul. WARNING: this shizz will put your kids to sleep! You've been notified.


But friends, how can we cruise through the New Age realm without a royal salute to the Celtic Queen herself, Enya? This Irish enchantress casts her melodic spells with such grace and mystique that she reigns supreme in the New Age kingdom. With her ethereal voice and celestial harmonies, Enya crafts magical realms where we can all find a moment of peace amidst the chaos.

So, put on those headphones, kick back, and get ready to teleport into a serene sonic paradise with these New Age maestros.

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