"I spent a while browsing the beautiful selection of vintage watches from Windup. I like the classic watch styles, and here are some beauties I'd pick up myself. I especially like the Hamiltons, the Oris with the green dial, and the Junghans. And scroll to the end to see an amazing G-Shock." -Cortis
Junghans Meister Pilot – Windup Watch Shop
A unique design based on an in-house column wheel chronograph, the J88, the resulting watch is now extremely rare and collectible.
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze 38mm Watch – Windup Watch Shop
Hamilton adds a new iteration to their classic field watch, the Khaki Field Mechanical. The Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze is the same robust and reliable field watch you know and love but is now encased in bronze. The Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze will patina over time through oxidation and as the warm bronze alloy that covers the case gets darker it will be unique to you. To prevent any transfer of any of the material to your wrist, the Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze is fitted with a titanium caseback. This keeps the watch light and hypoallergenic.
Oris Cotton Candy Divers Sixty-Five Bronze - Playful Elegance & Unique Style – Windup Watch Shop
Indulge in playful elegance and unique style with the Oris Cotton Candy Divers Sixty-Five Bronze collection. Timeless design with a touch of fun.
anOrdain Model 1 Precious Metal series – Windup Watch Shop
Known for their in-house enamel dials, in 2020 when the world shut down anOrdain couldn’t practice their signature craft, so they designed a series of watches that celebrated their unique design language, sans-enamel. Working with a high-end dial maker in Germany, anOrdain created a trio of dials with precious metal co
Zodiac Super Sea Wolf x Worn & Wound Limited Edition Watch – Windup Watch Shop
The Zodiac x Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Limited Edition is the first collaboration between the two brands, one that celebrates the historic dive design through a new, modern lens. Inspired by the aesthetics and current trends seen in outdoors/hiking sneakers and gear, the design brings together bold colors and une
Timex M79 Automatic: Embrace Timelessness with this Classic Watch – Windup Watch Shop
Timex M79 Automatic blends vintage design with modern functionality. Featuring an automatic movement, a comfortable stainless steel bracelet, & durable mineral crystal
Boldr Venture Windup Edition Watch – Windup Watch Shop
The BOLDR Venture is an impressive take on the modern adventure watch. Featuring a 38mm matte titanium case, with an AR-coated sapphire crystal, and 200m of water resistance, it’s small, lightweight, and tough - exactly what you want on your wrist during an excursion. Inside, a reliable Seiko NH35 keeps time, making th
Oris Aquis Date Caliber 400 - Uncompromising Performance & Style – Windup Watch Shop
Experience uncompromising performance and style with the Oris Aquis Date Caliber 400. Dive into the world of exceptional timekeeping and durability.
HP-1 LE – Windup Watch Shop
For our third watch collaboration, we’ve teamed up with Brew Watches to make a unique copper dial with circular graining, giving the HP-1 an industrial look.
40th Anniversary Full Carbon 5000 Limited Edition GCWB5000UN-1 GCWB5000UN-6 – Windup Watch Shop
Celebrate 40 years of G-Shock with the Full Carbon 5000 Edition. Innovative use of three carbon materials create a watch like no other. Get yours now!

Editor's note: We may get a small commission when you purchase from our recommendations, but rest assured we stand by our rigorous selections of quality, style, craftsmanship, and good vibes.

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