Affordable Watch Brands That "Watch Guys" Love

Affordable Watch Brands That "Watch Guys" Love

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Tom Fletcher
Dec 07, 2021 • 3 min read

I’m not the authority on watches, but I pay attention. One thing I’ve learned while paying attention is that “watch guys” seem to agree on what makes a quality watch. And that you don’t always need to spend a ton of money to get it.

In fact, whether you are starting a collection or just looking for an everyday piece, you can get an amazing watch for around or under 500 bucks.

Today let’s talk about 3 affordable watch brands that will always get you respect from guys who know and care about watches.

Seiko Watches

Photo by Luiz Neto / Unsplash
For an affordable watch that will last you a lifetime, buy a Seiko.

Watch guys love Seiko, and not a ton of debate on this one. Seiko watches are some of the most well-made and well-respected in the industry. Seiko construction and precision rivals some of the best Swiss watchmakers.

Investing in this brand is also a great way to begin a watch collection. And if you are in the market for a high-end watch and you don’t want to be seen pursuing the usual suspects, consider investing in the Rolex-rival Grand Seiko.

G-Shock Watches

G-Shock watch
Photo by Ravi Palwe / Unsplash
Some g-shock watches offer Bluetooth connectivity, giving them smartwatch-esque features.

Watch guys all around the world seem to adore G-Shock. Don’t act too surprised. From a functionality and durability standpoint, what’s not to like? These things are bulletproof. And many modern G-Shock watches integrate cutting-edge technology to ensure precision.

If you want a watch to function as a watch should function, these are the way to go. Many purported watch guys have a G-Shock to use during everyday endeavors. G-shock can take a beating.

G-shock offers watches in both new and classic styles. They are accessible and high quality at pretty much every price point. Everybody who wants a G-Shock can get a G-Shock.

Hamilton Watches

Khaki (Snow)Field Mechanical
Photo by @Misakyanovich / Unsplash
my favorites from hamilton: Khaki King, Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO Auto Limited Edition.

Hamilton watches are by no means on the cheap side. But they are one of the best values you can get. Hamilton has a long history of watchmaking and began as an American brand.

Today, Hamilton watches are made in Switzerland. You get the satisfaction of American Heritage while enjoying a precision, Swiss-made timepiece. Plus they look great. And watch guys have tons of respect for Hamilton, so don’t be surprised when you get complimented on your taste out of nowhere by some watch guy.

I have a fun fact for you. Hamilton watches feature in Christopher Nolan movies “Inception,” “Interstellar”, and “Tenet.” You might not care about that, but I think it’s pretty cool. In fact, the tactical watches from Tenet are high on my list of watches I want for myself, precious.

Enjoy your watch-finding journey!