Connecting with nature is a tried and true way to give yourself a timeout. And the benefits of taking a “walk in the woods” are well documented.

Why should you get connected with nature? You might be seeking a creativity boost. You might be looking for a productivity increase. You might even just be looking to check out for a bit. There’s no doubt that taking some nature time is a good thing for the body, mind, and soul.

That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to do so, especially if you live in an urban area. But If you do live in the city and find yourself wanting to get out in nature but struggling to find the time, try these 3 methods to get a quick nature boost.


Man alone in the park

This might sound a little simplistic but it sure does work for me. Imagine this scenario: you have a ten-minute guided meditation that you do on your lunch break every day to relax your brain and keep yourself sharp. Instead of doing your usual thing at your office space, head outside and do it next to a tree in the local park. It will be more relaxing and probably more effective.

And you don’t necessarily need to meditate at all to feel the tree vibes. Just sit there and check out your surroundings and let your brain do its thing, and you can still reap the benefits of this quick natural exposure. I really enjoy sitting with my back to a tree and taking in the sights and sounds of whatever park or place I’m in.


Raining days..
Photo by Jose Pedro Ortiz / Unsplash

Sitting near (or even dipping your feet into) running water can be like nature’s caffeine jolt.

If you are in an urban area, this might mean finding a fountain to sit next to, but many urban areas also have parks featuring streams and/or rivers.

Get to know your urban area and map out some time to chill next to a water feature during the day, and you will feel the benefits.


Head for a wooded (or tree-lined) area and take a walk! Even if you are in the city, the sights and sounds of being outside should give you a quick boost.

The sunshine, the rain, the cold, the warmth— whatever the conditions happen to be, taking a walk can help you connect with nature and get a little boost.

Have fun!

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