When it comes to low energy, we're all in the low-go zone once in a while. You know what I’m talking about. Struggling to pull yourself out of bed. Zombie-staggering through morning work (and maybe even afternoon). Staying up too late. Engaging in crappy dietary and sleeping habits that exacerbate the cycle and keep you dragging, then doing it all over again.

When what we want is the exact opposite.


I asked my outstanding friend, the life coach and all-around-good-guy Randy Spelling, to hook me up with some insights to help us keep energy levels high and beat back the  dragons of bad habits.

Q: Do you think a lack of self-care is a big problem?

A: Yes. In reality, self-care does equal self-love. Many of us walk around needing a few more positive deposits in the self-love piggy bank.  But self-love can be so elusive at times, can’t it? So I like to tell people that they can get to self-love by practicing self-care.

Q: Why should we even care about having “more energy?

A: There’s power in feeling vibrant, energized, and fresh when waking. Your mind is clearer, you are more present and attentive, and everything in your day feels that much brighter.

Q: So how do we get there? How do we add energy to our day rather than subtracting energy?

A: By making small but powerful adjustments. Put these tips into practice, and your energy levels will improve.


We all know the phone can be an energy suck vortex that will eat up big chunks of free time if you let it. Managing your phone time effectively frees you up to be more present and productive.


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What do you put in your body? You know what’s healthy for your body at this point, and food choices relate to you loving yourself, your body, and your mind. Foods and beverages directly relate to mood, anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

Practice healthy moderation with your food choices, but also understand that certain foods need to be avoided altogether. Do you want to put premium fuel or low-grade food into your engine? I think we all know the answer to the question “what should I be putting into my body.”



Exercise, jump around, play, and be active. Movement isn’t something that has to be “big” or “impressive”. Something as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood during your lunch break or doing 10 pushups a couple of times a day can really go a long way to get your blood flowing.


Seriously, you aren’t going to miss anything taking a break. Take time out like you give your kids, sit or lay and just breathe. Connect with yourself. Lie in the grass and look at the clouds.


Showering can be a great reset.

Don’t work for hours at a time without taking a break, standing, eating, walking, moving. Sitting is the new smoking, haha! (Not my quote, just repeating health platitudes).


Splashing yourself off in some form is a great way to move stuck energy and “reset” yourself. Bathing is a very “self-loving” act, and not just for the ladies. I personally love to take a shower.


Ya'll go to bed earlier!

Lose The Excuses— self-care is so important.

Excuses are just that, excuses. Excuses are not always the truth, it’s a narrative that you have told yourself that you believe.

There you have it.

Visit Randy Spelling online at www.randyspelling.com
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