Detour Coffee is from Canada— specifically a town called Dundas (near Hamilton), Ontario. Just to give you an idea, that's sort of close to a city called Toronto, which I'm really thinking you may have heard of.

One thing about Northern climates is this: they tend to make decent coffee. But DECENT isn't what you're looking, for. Delicious is what you're looking for.

Detour makes delicious coffee. Here are some current highlights!

Detour Radiant Winter Blend

Starting with a nice blend from Detour here, featuring Columbia and Costa Rica.

Hear it from them:

"Like a warm illumination of heat, this limited edition blend is a little token of brightness and warmth to run through these cold mid-winter days. This blend brings together two of our favorite regions, Huila in Colombia and Tarrazu in Costa Rica and one of our favorite Producers Roger Urena."

Detour Costa Rica Santa Rosa Gesha

Smash the piggy bank for this limited edition Costa Rica, with floral aromatics of orange blossom (!) and a flavor profile including cherry, caramel, and milk chocolate. Hear it from them:

"This limited edition Gesha is grown on Santa Rosa 1900 farm and expertly processed through the white honey method by award-winning producer Luis Alberto Monge at the acclaimed La Lia Mill in the Tarrazu region."

Detour Ecuador El Sauce

Hear it from them:

"There are so many layers to the flavour spectrum that every sip has us tasting something different. One time you’ll get that crisp gala apple-like acidity, the next a whole bunch of salted caramel candy sweetness, the next a big wave of juicy apricots. It’s like a page-turning adventure book!"

Want more great coffee from Detour? Visit them online.
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