Life After Barbie: 10 Pop Culture Icons  Deserving(?) of Movie Fame

Life After Barbie: 10 Pop Culture Icons Deserving(?) of Movie Fame

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François Varie
Aug 15, 2023 • 2 min read

Ladies, gentlemen, and connoisseurs of campy collectibles, there comes a time in every action figure's life when they transcend the playroom and grace the glamorous silver screen.

Barbie's done it. It's time for the next generation of plastic trinkets to get a shot. So let's give them their chance to be stars. As a self-proclaimed pop culture prophet and occasional enjoyer of films with the depth of a teaspoon, I present to you the next 10 icons ready for their cinematic debut:

The Magic 8 Ball Effect

It's an epic tale of a circular prophet trapped in a plastic shell, doling out yeses, nos, and maybes. Will it be a psychological thriller, or simply an existential exploration of why we ask inanimate objects for advice? Outlook... not so clear.

Mr. Potato Head, Next Level

While he’s made cameo appearances in Toy Story, it's high time we delve into the emotional roots of a spud who changes his facial features more often than Hollywood celebrities. Maybe starring Nic Cage.

The Furby

Picture this: a heartfelt sci-fi saga where these gibberish-speaking gremlins are actually alien ambassadors sent to bridge communication between species. Spoiler alert: they're still disquietingly creepy in every galaxy.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

In a world of chaos, four hippos are in a desperate race against time to consume... whatever those little white things are. It's a metaphor for consumerism. Or just a film about gluttonous animals. Critics will decide.

Etch A Sketch in Love

A romantic drama featuring two lines desperately trying to meet, but always being shaken apart by destiny. Oh, the tragic linearity of love in a quantum universe.

The Slinky and The Whale

An epic adventure of a springy protagonist navigating the stairs of life, occasionally getting tangled up but always bouncing back. It’s a comeback story with... mortal coils?

Mighty Beanz Win The Gamez

They're beans. They're mighty. They roll about. It's a gripping sports drama about the under-beanz (yes, that's now a term) training for the Beanz Olympics. The training montage will be sponsored by a renowned coffee company, no doubt.

Polly Pocket, Defender of Justice

No, not just a day in her diminutive domicile, but an action-packed journey where she fights off macro-world threats. And maybe, just maybe, finds love in a pocket-sized package.

Ok, whatevs, this idea might need some polish.

Tamagotchi Forever

It’s the story of love, neglect, and rebirth. A digital pet out to find its purpose in a world where everyone's too busy to feed it or pick up its pixelated poop. Prepare for a tear-jerker, folks.

Bop It, Can't Stop It

In a dystopian future, the ruling regime uses this twisted device to control the masses. Twist it, spin it, pull it – or face the consequences. It’s the thriller no one knew they needed.

There you go, Joe. My unsolicited cinematic blueprint for the next Hollywood IP explosion . You can thank me later when these gems sweep the Oscars.

But if they don’t…well, my Magic 8 Ball predicted they wouldn't so at least there's that.