I recently discovered Milwaukee coffee shop/day bar Discourse, and Head of QC Rich Stauder gave me the skinny on 7 specialty coffees you HAVE to know.

Discourse is an amazing "coffee lab" founded by mixologist-extraordinaire Ryan Castelaz and it's a must-visit for coffee coniessuers of all shapes, sizes, and stripes.

We'll be featuring Discourse with a profile soon, cause it's 100% my new favorite coffee joint in the world, apologies to perennial favorite Handlebar.

Rich Serving Up His Favorite Specialty Coffees For Ya

But today I want to highlight coffee, so let's dig right in. I cornered the incredibly gracious, wicked friendly, very knowledgable Rich Stauder (Head of Coffee Sourcing and Quality Control) at Discourse. Rich is dope. Picture all the good midwest stereotypes, plus throw in some raw denim and an insatiable knowledge of coffee– that's Rich.

As he crafted me an exceptional pour over from Duck Rabbit (!) I quite easily coerced him into giving me his definitive list of INSANE speciality coffee roasters. He was all too happy to share.

Try these coffees! Comments by Rich ✌🏻

Black and White Coffee

Basically everything they do is phenomenal. You can't go wrong with Lem Butler and Kyle Ramage. Almost every single coffee I have gotten from them has been straight fire. Their anerobics are nuts.
Black & White Coffee Roasters | NC Coffee Roaster
At Black & White Coffee we believe coffee should be simple. We are roasting exciting new single origin coffees and beautiful complex blends. We ship worldwide and are excited to partner with you!


Presta is out of Tuscon. They have a really cool, chill vibe and their coffees are crazy. They do a lot of cool infusions with coffee, adding different kinds of fruits into the mix, to an anaerobic process but also a carbonic maceration processes, it's coffee you've never experienced in your life. It blew me away. It even blew Ryan away!
Presta Coffee Roasters | Roasting Beautiful Coffees
Roasting in Tucson, AZ, accessible world-wide. We work to create a fantastic coffee experience. Offering individual, subscription, and wholesale shipping.

La Cabra

Out of Denmark. I love their approach. Their Ethiopias are nuts– they do a nordic approach, a lighter profile roast, and the flavors are always dead-on. They work directly with producers, and the roaster is phenomenal.
La Cabra
La Cabra is a modern coffee company born out of Denmark. We embrace innovation and traceability in each step from cherry to cup, and with our single roast philosophy we aim to introduce you to some truly memorable coffee experiences


I was out in Asheville and walked into Rowan, and they had carrier on single origin. They pulled me a shot, and I was like whoa...we ended up ordering from them immediately. We've had them here at Discourse several times now on single origin.
Carrier Roasting Company | Vermont Coffee
From our rural town of Northfield, Vermont, we roast award winning coffee enjoyed by discerning coffee lovers around the country. Our coffee is sourced, roasted, and brewed to reflect the transparent relationships found in rural agricultural areas like ours,


Out of New Jersey. The owner Travis is a super cool guy. They love funky, crazy coffees. They love the experimentals. I'm bringing some into Discourse because I want people to experience this level of coffee. We have a lot of pour-over aficionados that come here. They love to try innovative coffee, and it's great to give them a new experience.
modcup Coffee | Superb Coffee Blends. Best Prices & Selection.
We work with some of the best coffee farm/estates in the world and roast and ship worldwide. Buy online now and you can also find Modcup coffee at Coffee Shops in New Jersey, New York, California, and Seoul South Korea. If you have not tried our Panama Elida Estate Gesha you don’t know what you’re m…

Idle Hands

I just always hit it off with Ricky Dyson, he knows his stuff front to back, and he roasts some amazing coffees. They have an exceptional relationship with the growers.
Idle Hands Roasting Company
Committed to quality specialty coffee - we source and roast fresh some of the best coffee available directly from the farmers. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.


From day one of getting into coffee, Heart has blown my mind. It's always super solid and tasty. They'll never leave from being #1 in my heart, literally. They rip.
Heart Coffee Roasters
Heart is a café, roaster & bustling destination point located in Portland, Oregon.

Have fun, drink great coffee! ✌🏻

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