A big hello and welcome. CORTIS is my independent, WICKED-DOPE, unencumbered-by-corporate-interests online guide for men in search of good things. My goal is to highlight the 20% of things that will bring 80% of the joy and quality, so you can do you, but with a little more ZEST.

Fellas, life is a journey, meant to be savored, enjoyed, and LIVED. Sure it's full of fails, f$&kups, speedbumps, and stubbed toes. But who's to say we can't dress comfy, feel authentically, and drink good coffee while we engage in this karmic journey through the cosmos?

Here's your permission slip. Let's do this with some verve. Let's be cool to each other. Let's have fun and leave a legacy of caring, trying our best but not taking this too seriously, and cherish the ride.

Enjoy the site. It's a little Wabi-Sabi, but soon we'll be teaming up with QUALITY brands to bring you MORE GOOD THINGS. And sure, I named it after myself...but you know how hard it is to get a dope domain these days? ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻



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