Forget your overpriced, logo-laden streetwear. The brand that has been steadily redifining heritage and cottagecore in one decade-long swoop, Tender, isn't for the hypebeasts or the fashion plates.

Type 446 Wide Face Shirt Achilles' Heel Indigo Dyed Bleached Weft Stripe Cotton Canvas

This is a brand for those who see beauty in the patina of age, the quiet hum of a well-oiled machine, the honest toil of human hands. It's a love letter to the forgotten corners of history, where industry once roared and the ghosts of forgotten trades still whisper in the rusted gears.

Type 125 High Straight Jeans Mars Black Dyed 16oz Selvage Denim

Born from the British Steam Age, Tender's founder, William Kroll, found his muse in the forgotten archives of workwear, the utilitarian garments that bore the scars of honest labor. Think dockworkers and железнодорожники,their clothes toughened by wind and sea, sun and sweat. Each stitch tells a story, each tear and mend a testament to a life lived hard and true.

The Low End Theory Cardigan Buggin' Out

Tender doesn't just replicate, it reimagines. These aren't your grandpa's work boots. Kroll takes these timeworn silhouettes and infuses them with a modern sensibility. The cuts are precise, the fabrics luxurious, but the soul remains rough-hewn and real. Think heavyweight canvas softened to a whisper, raw denim woven with threads of forgotten industry, and tweeds spun from the wool of sheep that grazed on iron-rich hills.

Type 902 Edited Jeans Jacket Mars Black Dyed 16oz Selvage Denim

Cottagecore Aesthetic with Memory

It's clothing with a memory, meant to age and evolve with its wearer. Each crease and rip becomes a badge of honor, a testament to the adventures shared, the burdens borne. Tender isn't just fashion, it's a conversation with the past, a pact with the future. It's a way of life, a philosophy woven into every seam.

Compass Pocket Shirt Fine Cotton Beekeeper's Cloth Tumeric Dyed

So step away from the fluorescent-lit mall, the endless scroll of digital desire. Tender beckons you to a different world, a world where quality trumps quantity, where slow fashion takes root, and where the ghosts of industry whisper tales of grit and grace.


Welcome to the world of Tender. Welcome to the age of rust and rivets, wrench and workwear. Welcome to clothing that tells your story, not someone else's.

Fiddlehead Mug Red Clay Amber Glazed

This is just a taste of the Hierophant’s spirit applied to Tender. Remember, the key is to evoke a sense of raw authenticity, historical intrigue, and quiet rebellion against the fast-fashion machine. Let the imagery be evocative and rich, the language poetic and earthy. And don't forget the subtle dig at the soullessness of mainstream fashion.


Now go forth and spread the gospel of Tender, one meticulously crafted garment, one unforgettable item at a time.

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