In the hushed hues of twilight, as the city's clamor cedes to serene nocturnal rhythms, a unique symphony of subtle affluence begins.

This isn't a blatant parade on gilded streets; it's a tender narrative of discernment and elegance. We delve into the realm of quiet luxury, a paradox of opulence that exists in the shadows of ostentation, but always deserves a second glance.

Rick Owens

The notion of quiet luxury radiates from the collections of Rick Owens, fashion's architect of the sublime. His designs are imbued with a silent intensity, blending architectural cuts with a monochromatic palette, exuding a quiet opulence that needs no proclamation.

The Row

The Row, under the careful curatorship of the Olsen twins, has been quietly revolutionizing the concept of luxury. Their commitment to neutral shades, immaculate tailoring, and lush materials embodies the essence of understated elegance.

Jacques Marie Mage

On the accessories frontier, Jacques Marie Mage stand as tastemaker of quiet luxury, infusing a subtle nod to the vintage in their eyewear collections, favored by some of the coolest men you'v heard of and some you haven't.

Handcrafted in limited quantities, each pair stands as an individual beacon to the brand's commitment to quality, design, and the silent language of luxury. Once you start recognizing JMM glasses, you won't ever stop recognizing them.

3 Quiet Luxury Brands You Don't Know About


Comoli, a relatively new entrant in the fashion world, epitomizes quiet luxury with an intrinsic Japanese sensibility. Founded by Keijiro Kamata in 2015, the brand's ethos is deeply entrenched in minimalism and intricate craftsmanship, qualities often associated with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

In a realm where the clamor of logomania often overshadows the subtleties of design, Comoli offers a refreshing respite. The brand harmoniously balances sartorial sophistication and effortless comfort, providing an understated appeal that resonates with those seeking simplicity and elegance in their wardrobe. The muted color palette, soft fabrics, and unassuming silhouettes reflect a studied attention to detail and a nuanced understanding of quiet luxury.

Tony Shirtmakers

In his Maine-based studio, Tony orchestrates the design, cutting, and sewing of made-to-order and custom shirts. Before establishing his own brand, Tony honed his craft under the mentorship of a renowned bespoke tailor in NYC. Now crafts incredible shirting from the best state in the union.

Each shirt from Tony's atelier is a work of artโ€”a commissioned piece, crafted by hand on request. He excels in fabricating one-of-a-kind bespoke creations, drawing inspiration from both vintage and contemporary designs.

Every piece he constructs reflects a keen eye for detail and an uncompromising commitment to quality and simplicity, acquired through years of painstakingly perfecting the art of custom shirt-making.


The brand Wooyoungmi, a South Korean label renowned for its androgynous aesthetics, gracefully dances into the sphere of quiet luxury. Founded by designer Woo Youngmi in 2002, the brand melds contemporary sartorial perspectives with an inherent Eastern sensibility.

Wooyoungmi's design philosophy marries understated elegance with architectural precision. Each garment is a statement of balance and harmony, with subtle detailing and thoughtful use of fabrics. From the clean lines to the muted color palettes, every element whispers of an understated opulence that doesn't demand, but instead, quietly commands attention.

Quiet Luxury is a mood.

The concepts of minimalism and subtle taste sans logos and easily-recognizable flourishes reinforces the silent but profound undercurrents of luxury - the kind that whispers in corners, exuding a subtle allure that only the truly discerning can appreciate.

It's in this gentle hush that the true essence of luxury, like a, well-kept secret, resides. Here's to those who find joy in the hushed tones of refined elegance, for they truly understand the language.

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