Hey, we're back for a string of holiday editions of ForTheTwenty! Bringing you 20% of the stuff to give you 80% of the value, happiness, and peace of mind, because you are wearing something dope that I picked for you. Or something like that.

Featuring Clutch Cafe

Today's after-black-Friday edition is coming atcha from London's one and only Clutch Cafe! Clutch features an exceptional collection of brands from the world over, with a perfectly perfect mix of heritage stalwarts and modern masters.

Clutch Cafe: A Style Jaunt

Diving into the world of Clutch Cafe is a journey through a style wonderland. What sets this haven of dopeness apart is its eclectic tapestry of styles, creating a magnetic pull that beckons fashion enthusiasts. Think Disney's The Black Hole, with more high-level military reproductions and fine leather, and fewer kids-movie-level-zombie-crewmates and junky-arse, frowney-faced robots.

The intoxicating blend of all-things-Americana-mixed-with-brands o'-progressiveness is Clutch's el sauce de los secretes, so drippy as to subtly encourage patrons to stick to their comfort zone while exploring pieces from outside their normie norms.

Ah, Clutch. Beyond the curated collections of raw denim, the adventurous hombre discovers a trove of military-inspired garb that exudes a rugged charm. Clutch Cafe doesn't just stop there; it seamlessly weaves in luxurious leather goods, adding a touch of sophistication to its diverse repertoire.

🌟 Key Highlights:

  1. All-Things-Americana Vibes: Clutch Cafe's unique charm lies in its fusion of styles, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Americana.
  2. Raw Denim Galore: The store and online shop boasts meticulously curated collections of raw denim, catering to denim connoisseurs seeking authenticity.
  3. Military-Inspired Ruggedness: A nod to the bygone era, Clutch Cafe's offerings extend to military-inspired garb, grabbing the fusion of history and style by the balls and squeezing out every last ounce of quality.
  4. Luxurious Leather Goods: Elevating the experience, the store introduces a sophisticated touch with a range of high-quality leather goods.

Some exceptional goodies from the crew at Clutch Cafe

It's shopping season, and we've got your back! Here are some current favorites from Clutch.

Rocky Mountain Featherbed For Clutch Cafe Christy Vest Black
Rocky Mountain Featherbed was founded in Wyoming (the Cowboy State) in the late 1960’s. RMFB created its iconic down vest with a seamless single-piece leather yoke for cowboys and their down vests became infamous for their cold-proof and heat-retaining features like those of feather beds. In 2005 3…
Jamieson’s for Clutch Cafe Fair-Isle V-Neck Pullover with Graduated Rib #136 Light Grey x Red
A true mark of Scottish heritage design, Jamieson’s of Shetland have been making traditional Shetland Wool sweaters since the 1890’s. For this Autumn Winter 23 we’ve teamed up with Jamieson’s to have some brushed shetland sweaters made to our specs as well as a couple of Fair Isle sweaters. Jamieso…
Poten x Clutch Cafe Rudeback Baseball Cap Green
Poten is a relatively new headwear brand hailing from Japan, where each Baseball Cap is cut in the same factory that produces for the Major League Japanese baseball teams in Japan. This factory has an infamous history for not producing for any other brands making Poten’s Baseball Caps truly unique.…
Clutch Cafe Tote Bag
A simple Two-Tone 24oz Canvas tote bag made for Clutch Cafe with one eternal pocket and zip closure. Available in-store exclusively in conjunction with the launch of Men’s File + Clutch Magazine Thursday 30th Jan before being made available online. 24oz Cotton Canvas Two-Tone Design One External…
Burgus Plus x Clutch Cafe 770SCC 9oz Denim Jean
We are very proud to introduce a limited collaboration with Burgus Plus. We were given the opportunity to work with the brand on our first visit to Japan at the beginning of 2018 and the opening of Clutch Cafe. A companion piece to the pop-over western shirt, we wanted to produce a lightweight denim…

That's just a taste of the goodness! Check em' out online for more.


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