Dive into the World of Feather Jewelry: Goro's Alternatives for the Style-Conscious

Dive into the World of Feather Jewelry: Goro's Alternatives for the Style-Conscious

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Tom Fletcher
Dec 07, 2023 • 9 min read

Do you find yourself mesmerized by the unique style of Visvim, Kapital, and other Japanese brands? Then you've likely stumbled across the captivating world of feather and eagle-themed jewelry. Worn by fashion icons like John Mayer and countless other stylish celebs and bros in the know, these pieces exude a captivating aura of mystery and rugged individualism.

But who crafts these exquisite feathers and pendants that adorn the necks and fingers of the cool guys? Well, in the realm of these style gods, the answer often leads to Goro's, a brand renowned for its handcrafted, Native American-inspired jewelry.

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What's the story with Goros-style feather jewelry?

We recently discovered "Legend" by artisan Nao. Offered at Corlection

The Eagle is a totem of humanity's most noble qualities. And Japanese craftsmen are keeping the tradition of high-quality native jewelry alive.

The Native tribes of what is now considered the U.S., Canada, and Mexico revered the eagle as the Great Spirit’s earthly totem of honesty, wisdom, and courage. This is why some of their most compelling jewelry makes use of feather symbology.

Unfortunately, the disgraceful cultural and economic hardships forced upon the tribes of the Americas all but wiped out the viability of their crafts, making high-quality indigenous jewelry less accessible for all.

But as we have come to find out, Japanese artisans have a penchant for preservation. Mirroring the well-chronicled conservation of traditional denim techniques, a handful of Japanese craftsmen kept the tradition of fine Native American jewelry alive. In this category, first and foremost in reputation and name recognition is Goro's.

Who is Goro's and why is it so expensive?

Goro Takahashi, founder of Goro's

Goro's Takahashi is a legendary name in the world of jewelry, synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship, Native American influence, and a touch of rebellion. Its story, however, is far from ordinary, weaving a tale of artistic passion, cultural exchange, and a dedication to creating pieces with a soul.

From Humble Beginnings:

The story begins in 1964, when Goro Takahashi, a young Japanese craftsman, apprentices under Yoshikazu Yoshikawa, a silver jewelry maker. Goro's talent blossoms under Yoshikawa's tutelage, and he develops a unique style that blends Japanese techniques with Native American motifs. He sources feathers, beads, and other natural materials, creating pieces that are both beautiful and imbued with a sense of history and tradition.

A Cultural Crossroads:

Goro's passion for Native American culture stems from his fascination with the American West, particularly the imagery of cowboys and Native Americans. This influence is evident in his use of feathers, eagle claws, and turquoise stones, materials that symbolize strength, wisdom, and connection to the natural world.

Goro's work quickly finds favor with a small but devoted clientele. Musicians, artists, and other countercultural figures are drawn to the raw beauty and rebellious spirit of his jewelry. Goro himself becomes a cult figure, known for his charisma and his dedication to his craft.

A Legacy of Excellence:

Despite his growing fame, Goro remains true to his roots. He continues to handcraft each piece himself, using only the finest materials and traditional techniques. His pieces are not mass-produced, and they are often difficult to obtain, adding to their mystique and allure.

Today, Goro's Takahashi is a Japanese institution. His jewelry is coveted by collectors and fashion icons worldwide. Though Goro himself passed away in 2015, his legacy lives on through his son and apprentices who continue to create pieces that carry the same spirit and dedication to quality.

Beyond Aesthetics:

Goro's jewelry is more than just fashion; it is a statement of identity and individuality. Each piece is imbued with Goro's own spirit and his deep respect for Native American culture. When you wear a Goro's piece, you are not just wearing a piece of jewelry; you are wearing a piece of history, a piece of art, and a piece of Goro himself.

The Future of Goro's:

As Goro's Takahashi enters its sixth decade, the future of the brand remains bright. The demand for its unique pieces continues to grow, and the legacy of Goro himself inspires a new generation of artists and craftsmen. Goro's jewelry is more than just a fashion trend; it is a testament to the power of artistic passion, cultural exchange, and the timeless allure of handcrafted beauty.

How do you get Goro's feather jewelry?

Goro's jewelry is uniquely difficult to obtain.

Although Takahashi has passed on, his children continue their father’s work, making traditional jewelry from their Tokyo studio.

Goro himself was known for his unique style of proprietorship, a tradition that has also carried on after his death. To get your Goro's, you have to travel to their single store in Tokyo. When you get there, pick a number in a lottery, and stand around outside until they call your number.

If you make it into the shop, you get a “chance” to buy a piece of jewelry that the proprietors pick for you. There have been times when people have been denied the chance to buy something, due to their "energy" being off.

So, make sure you meditate before you go. 😌

You can also spend thousands on Grailed or another resale site to buy Goro's, but that seems like flies against the idea of making the pilgrimage, and you are rolling the dice on authenticity.

What if you can't get to Japan to buy Goro's feathers?

Guitar experts Eric Clapton and John Mayer wearing Goros

Luckily, several Japanese jewelry designers are keeping the tradition alive.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to travel to Japan or sell your firstborn to some dude on the internet to get dope jewelry designed by skilled Japanese artisans who respect and revere the Native American way of life— and have dedicated themselves to the craft of these traditional pieces.

In the spirit of Goro's, other incredible artisans are making this style of jewelry at approachable prices. And you can order them from the comfort of your own home.

Here are a few!

Wing Rock

📸 instagram @wingrockcollection)

Riki “Wing Rock” learned from Goro Takahashi himself, and the master taught him well. So you can be sure his Native jewelry is the shit.

Take a look and get Wing Rock here, but make sure you use your Google Translate to navigate the site.


Masato (📸 Cotton Sheep)

Cotton Sheep is a wonderful shop in San Francisco where you can purchase feathers, pendants, and rings in this style.

At one point Riki was displaying his Wing Rock jewelry at Cotton Sheep, but more recently the shop began using beautiful designs from Masato (Aizu, Japan) to construct this pristine silverwork.

Cotton Sheep is a must-visit if you are on the West Coast and are looking for this style of jewelry.

Larry Smith

larry smith (📸 larrysmith.jp)

Larry Smith was founded by Hasashida Yoshifumi, who dedicated himself to crafting traditional jewelry after an artist-in-residency program and years of honing his craft.

Like the other craftsmen who make these pieces, his love of Native American culture can be seen in the intricate details of his pieces.

First Arrows

📸 END.com/First Arrows

Tokyo-based First Arrows is another first-rate maker of traditional feather jewelry. Founded in 1996 by silversmith Kazuya Ito, First Arrows can be found online at the irrepressible Clutch Cafe and END.

Check out their rings, pendants, feathers, and even custom-made watch straps for your vintage Rolex or Seiko.

Taro Washimi

📸 Taro Washimi

Tokyo-based Taro Washimi puts a contemporary spin on his silver jewelry, subtly branching out a bit from the traditional Goros style while still staying true to the overall design ethos of the genre.

With Washimi, the devil is in the details— he is quickly becoming known as an ascendant star in the world of Native Jewelry creation.

Mt. Hill Silver

📸Mt. Hill Silver

Take, the owner, operator, designer, and silversmith of Mt. Hill Silver, founded the independently owned jewelry brand in Kawagoe, Japan. Taking inspiration from the American South West's landscape and culture, Take reimagines traditional artisan jewelry through his unique lens.

His handmade items, such as rings, necklaces, pins, and cuffs, are crafted using sterling silver and genuine American-mined turquoise, as well as traditional jewelry-making techniques he has learned through years of apprenticeship.

Mt. Hill has an incredible variety of feather necklaces, rings, and bracelets, all available on their website. Take a look at the feather necklace sets– so dope!

Here are some other places to buy Alternative Goro's-style jewelry from the brands we mentioned.

Larry Smith
* Larry Smith Tokyo * Yoshifumi Hayashida. * Hand carved jewelry * Handcrafted quality. * Made in Japan. * Pancho and Lefty Online Store. * Fast Worldwide Shipping.

Larry Smith At Pancho And Lefty

Larry Smith
The Native Americans coexisted with nature. Larry Smith provides its customers with intricately crafted Indian jewelry, heavily influenced by the traditional style of the late 1800s to 1940s. They add their own modern twist to the pieces, and their skilled craftsmen work carefully to make certain th…

Larry Smith at Brogue Shop


Taro Washimi at vinavast

First Arrow’s
Founded in 1996 by silver smith Kazuya Ito, First Arrow’s products are designed with the concept that “The Sun is the Origin of Everything”. Based in Tokyo, the brand is largely inspired by Native American art, with each singular piece of jewellery hand crafted with traditional native techniques tha…

First Arrows at Clutch Cafe

First Arrows | END.
Shop the latest First Arrows at END. - The leading destination for style, sneakers, culture, community. New Products added daily

First Arrows at END

Mt. Hill Silver
Each piece of Mt. Hill jewelry is meticulously handcrafted in a historic Samurai village thirty minutes outside of Tokyo, Japan. Shop Snake Oil Provisions for Mt. Hill Silver & Leather goods.

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Have fun and enjoy your traditional jewelry search! 🦅