Hey denim devotees, get ready to ride the spring wave with the overseas sensation that's about to set American streets on fire. Channeling the sun-soaked vibes of late-sixties California, where the surf was king and the beach was a canvas for freedom and expression, England's Dawson Denim brings you the quintessential piece for Spring 2024: The LOT 23 10OZ HOODIE.

Picture this: the late sixties, Cali-vibes. Surfing was more than a sport; it was a lifestyle, a subculture defined by freedom, self-expression, and a rebellious, f-you spirit. Those carefree days at the beach, demanded a style ethos that was laid-back yet robust. Workwear effortlessly took center stage for the off-board surfers and beach bums, creating a caputured-in-time, relaxed, practical cool.

Drawing inspiration from this golden era, Dawson Denim introduces the 10 oz. Hoodie and Jogger for Spring 2024. Crafted from a sublime Japanese 10 oz. indigo twill, the Dawson Hoodie is a nod to the spirit of those devil-may-care days. Its relaxed, short, boxy fit makes it the ideal outer layer, no matter which coast you rep.

But it's the details that set this piece apart. Uncuffed sleeves add an extra touch of nonchalance, while the roomy kangaroo pocket is not just for show. Reinforced with bar tacks and divided by a brass RiRi zipper, it's a practical nod to the functionality required by yesteryear. And let's not forget the rope-ties anchoring the fit at the hem and neckline - giving you the power to customize your look. Tie them up for a more cropped aesthetic or let them hang loose for that easy-breezy vibe; the choice is yours.

Crafted from 85% cotton and 15% hemp, this indigo denim twill doesn't just look good; it's a sustainable choice with a soft handle right from the get-go. And here's the kicker - each Hoodie is a limited edition, crafted with care at the Dawson Garage. Finished with a canvas Dawson label, stone construction thread, and internally welted seams, it's a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity.

So, gear up for Spring 2024 with Dawson Denim's 10 oz. Hoodie, the must-have piece that captures the essence of a bygone era and brings it roaring into the present.

Limited numbers, unlimited style. Ride the wave, denimheads.

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