Have you ever had something that becomes so instantly dear to you that it almost becomes an extension of your reality?

I do— a beautiful leather wallet from the leather smiths from Brooklyn-founded KikaNY. Gifted to me for a birthday, it’s heavily worn to waxy perfection. The wallet is bulletproof, having traveled with me through several moves, constant use, and a near-death experience.

You can get my wallet, but you’ll have to break it in yourself. Image: kikany



Women-owned and operated by Kika Vliegenthart and Sabine Spanjer, Kika became celebrated for their leather goods while operating out of Brooklyn, New York.

After relocating their atelier to Spain, they rededicated themselves to creating their clean-and-minimal-aesthetic backpacks, wallets, belts, and bracelets from across the Sea.

Don’t worry, Kika still ships around the world.

If you want a jaw-dropping, high-quality leather bag with unassailably-modern-yet-classic wearability, don’t sleep on these bags.

We 1000% recommend this brand. Here are some choice picks from their website.

Postal No. 1 - Backpacks - KikaNY
The Postal Backpack No. 1 is modelled after the 19th-century US postal bags that hung on cranes next to railroads waiting to be grabbed by moving trains. For this backpack we use 2.2mm water-resistant vegetable-tanned Italian leather. It took years to find the perfect hides in terms of density, str
Double-O Bracelet - Bracelets+Keychains - KikaNY
¼” Italian leather bracelet with solid brass hand-tooled double o-ring closure Hand-dyed, hand-cut. Lead time 10-14 days.
La Grande Dame - Bags - KikaNY
The inspiration for La Grande Dame came from the giant market bags we’ve seen everywhere in Mediterranean countries. People use them to get their daily groceries, go to the beach, the park, cafes, bars, and local squares with the same bag. You see them practically anywhere you look. Owners jump on t
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