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The Curated Man: Rugby Shirts Defy Father Time.

Time to get you a men's rugby shirt and take advantage of this never-out-of-style classic.

Inspired by one of the world-slaying "sletters" from the incomparable, one-and-only, and truly unique-like-a-snowflake-but-not-in-a-deragatory-trollspew-kinda-way BLACKBIRD SPYPLANE, today I'm serving you up some hot rugby shirt action.

If you sign up for the BBSP newsletter you'll gain instant access to this multiverse-spanning knowledge: "Consider it a Spyplane Holy Decree: Rugby shirts have never not been cool."

Wow! You heard it. Time to get you a rugby shirt and take advantage of this never-out-of-style classic.

Hold up, C! Before all that, how About a little history on the men's rugby shirt, please.

Sure, myself asking myself questions to myself as you. The rugby shirt, also known as a "rugby jersey" for all you sportsguys, is a type of shirt worn by rugby players. So, ya, duh on that.

The rugby shirt was invented in 1874 by William Webb Ellis. Ellis was an Englishman who was playing football (most Americans call it soccer) at Rugby School (yes that was the actual name of the school) when he picked up the ball and ran with it, thus creating the sport of rugby.

Don't you long for the days when a person could just pick up any kind of ball and do something weird with it, and then a sport just kind of happens as a result?

The first official rugby shirt was made in 1876 and featured white flannel with two blue lines running down the sleeves and blue cuffs.

Historically, the rugby shirt would be (typically) white with two black stripes running down the sleeves, and a black V-neck. It was initially made of wool, but that got a little toasty for the players, so they switched to cotton.

Ok maybe I don't care about the history, just show me some dope rugby shirts.

Amen. Taking the lead of Blackbird Spyplane, here are some men's rugby shirts we think are bound to continue the example of undying coolness set by their brethren.

Kapital Men's Rugby Shirt

kapital rugby shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Rugby Shirt

Ralph Lauren plaid rugby shirt

Battenwear Men's Rugby Shirt

Battenwear rugby shirt

Human Made Men's Rugby Shirt

Human Made rugby shirt

Norse Projects Men's Rugby Shirt

Norse Projects Rugby Shirt

Have a great day!