The Best Men's Techwear Brands Have It All

The Best Men's Techwear Brands Have It All

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The Style Hierophant
May 26, 2023 • 13 min read

Greetings, stargazers and seekers of the cloth-shrouded unknown. Today, we traverse the constellation of style and practicality, unlocking the arcane secrets of techwear.

This is no ordinary tale of threads and seams—nay, it's an alchemical transformation of the sartorial realm, where functionality is interwoven with the threads of high fashion, creating a cloth-based chimera, a being of both use and beauty.

Techwear, this enigmatic golem of style and substance, is a phantom dancer in the ballroom of avant-garde fashion and practical design. It shapeshifts the mundane into the extraordinary, transforming the drab grey of daily commutes into a cosmic catwalk of futurism, and transmuting challenging journeys into an ethereal ballet of movement.

Errolson Hugh of Acronym

Techwear brands featured in this article





Stone Island Shadow Project




And Wander


Mountain Research

Ten C



Imagine trousers metamorphosing into shorts, jackets armed with a myriad of hidden pockets, and fabrics imbued with spells of water resistance and durability, rivaling even the most profound of arcane artefacts.

From the neon-glowing streets of cyberpunk cities to the windswept peaks of mountainous paths, techwear flows and adapts like the river of time itself. In this realm of ever-changing fashion, it's not just about the robe you don—it's the magic within it. It's a whisper of rebellion, a scream of individuality, a premonition of a future that's already upon us.

So, disciples of style, prepare for a journey. We're about to embark on a pilgrimage through the world's most functional techwear brands. Fasten your cloaks and ignite your staves. The path ahead is fraught with revelation and revolution. The Style Hierophant is here to guide you—let the grand procession begin.

Techwear is meant to tackle the elements


Ah, techwear, the astral armor for your terrestrial traversals. Envision it as your trusted companion when embarking on the dance with the elements, a steadfast shield amidst the temperamental moods of the weather gods—snow, rain, cold—they too abide by the whims of nature.

But here, dear initiates, we stumble upon the labyrinthine question: what sets techwear apart from outdoor wear? If the armor of 3L Gore-tex is brandished by both the knights of techwear and outdoor wear, do they not belong to the same clan?

The answer, like the shifting moonlight on a tranquil lake, is both yes and no.

Indeed, the revered houses of Patagonia, L.L. Bean, North Face, and Burton craft high-functioning gear of such caliber that it shimmers with technical prowess. Yet, they belong not to the realm of "Techwear" but find their domicile in the kingdom of outerwear, affectionately belonging more aptly to "gorpcore".

The techwear we speak of today transcends the conventional boundaries of outdoor wear ("Snowboard in this" or "Hike in this"). Instead, it dons the cloak of a shapeshifter, blending seamlessly into the urban jungle—the office, the city, the morning commute. An affinity for the color black is a testament to this versatility, as if echoing the mystery of the void beyond our stars.

The arcane order of brands we shall explore today achieve an alchemical fusion of technical and outdoor wear, transmuting them into a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Consider the sartorial magicians at Byborre and Veilance—wizards of this cloth-and-thread sorcery, who create not just clothes, but wearable enchantments

Tech Ninja and Post-Apocalyptic Style

With techwear, you are ready for anything

Like a midnight sky adorned with distant celestial bodies, techwear finds solace in the shadows, embracing a palette of obsidian, graphite, and the deepest navy. This spectral uniform often manifests as monochromatic, its fabrics billowing like the robes of a forgotten oracle, occasionally straying into realms of spaciousness that defy conventional tailoring. The embellishments of straps and grand pockets hint at a world of unseen utility beneath the surface.

One might discern echoes of military or survivalist gear, crafting an illusion that the wearer is an interplanetary ranger ready to repel alien invasions or navigate the chaos of an impending apocalypse. The techwear devotee is dressed for any twist in the labyrinth of time, prepared to face the tempestuous whims of nature or the complex webs spun by humanity itself.

The title "tech ninja" resonates with many of these earthbound techwear pilgrims, for they cloak themselves in a fashion that evokes the shadowy finesse of a covert operative. The threads they don are an ode to the furtive artistry of the ninja, an ancient tradition with a modern twist.


The realm of "cyberpunk", a corner of the science fiction multiverse that explores the not-so-symbiotic dance between technology, cyberculture, society, and the individual, seems to cast its spectral light on techwear.

These futuristic narratives, often set in distant epochs, weave minimalist, dark fashion into their visual tapestry, making their aesthetic prophecies in the backdrop of tomorrow.

It is no coincidence then, that elements of techwear appear to draw from the wellspring of cyberpunk inspiration. The cinematic medium allows the storyteller to envision clothing that transcends the conventions of fashion, leaning into the realms of stealth and survival.

Yet, while the hashtag #cyberpunk may be a common sight in the digital showcase of techwear ensembles, it would be misleading to tether techwear strictly to cyberpunk. Like the cosmos, techwear is vast and unbound, reaching beyond the confines of any single genre.

As if whispered by the sylvan spirits themselves, the growing popularity of techwear weaves a tale of alchemical fusion between purpose and aesthetic. The crux of techwear's allure can be traced to its remarkable shapeshifting abilities – an enigma capable of adapting to diverse ecosystems, from the structured order of the office realm to the untamed wilderness of the outdoors.

The armor of techwear is blessed with resilience that would make even a druid envious, repelling the liquid assaults of both water and oil. The garments themselves are like enchanted cloaks, imbued with an essence of tomorrow, offering a glimpse into the future while ensuring the wearer is swaddled in the age-old comforts of fabric against skin.

Just as a magic potion is more than the sum of its ingredients, techwear transcends its functional and stylistic components, casting a spell that enchants an ever-growing congregation of followers. Whether seen as an urban wizard's garb, a ranger's versatile attire, or the casual ensemble of a modern druid, techwear is a manifestation of a forward-looking vision woven into the very threads of our everyday lives.

Top techwear brands

Borne witness to the cosmic interplay of utility and style, certain stellar entities – the techwear brands – have read the celestial signs. Like enlightened alchemists, they have started crafting garments that resonate at the zenith of form and function, garments that embody the harmony of the Yin and Yang, garments that echo the balance of the celestial spheres. Their creations are not just clothing, but the manifestation of an advanced vision, symbolizing the unity of practicality and style.

Join us as we embark on a cosmic voyage to explore some of these luminaries in the constellation of techwear, brands that, like celestial bodies, illuminate the vast expanse of the fashion universe with their distinctive radiance

Acronym - The Godfather of Techwear

Acronym, in the grand orchestration of the techwear cosmos, is the North Star, that other stars revolve around. The crafting hands behind this cosmic powerhouse, designer Errolson Hugh, is a seasoned time-traveler in the techwear universe, having journeyed through years of technical sartorial experimentation. His adeptness in this craft is as honed as the edge of an obsidian blade, cutting through the fabric of design norms.

Stepping into the time capsule, we're transported to the early 2000s. It was here in this temporal space that Hugh crafted iconic pieces for Burton Analog. This era gave birth to legendary techwear innovations like the Q Jacket, the Clone MD, the Net MD, and the Black Ops Jacket. They were true marvels, fragments of the future.

Fast forward to the present cycle of the cosmic wheel, and Acronym shines brighter than ever, coveted like a rare comet streaking across the night sky. It stands unassailable in the technical realm, setting the golden standard for what it truly means to wear techwear.

Acronym's utilitarian style, like the perfect planetary alignment, provides an ideal balance for those who seek active engagement with their environment while maintaining security.

The clothing, birthed in the Swiss craftsmanship galaxy, assures celestial standards of quality and durability, echoing the eternal strength of constellations. Techwear, in this sense, becomes more than just clothing - it's the embodiment of adaptability, readiness, and future-forward vision.

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Byborre — A New Generation of Techwear

Nestled in the creative heart of Amsterdam, BYBORRE is a textile revolution incubator, pioneering the brave new world of material evolution, functionality, and visual appeal. While their collections introduce a vibrant palette and fewer storage appendages, this Dutch studio diverges from the oft-depicted "tech-ninja" aesthetics saturating Instagram's digital galleries.

In fact, the sartorial compositions of Byborre resonate subtly with the surrounding landscape, echoing the brand's unique techwear philosophy without overtly announcing their technical roots. This understated approach to techwear, blending in seamlessly with the environment, makes Byborre an ideal choice for those seeking the empowering functions of techwear without the accompanying sterotypes often associated with the genre.

In this techwear universe, Byborre is a forge, fashioning fabrics of the future that promise to define the industry's standards in the coming time cycles. With each knit, every weave, they paint a vision of what lies beyond the techwear horizon.

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Konundrum - Modular

Emerging from the innovative landscapes of Germany, Konundrum is a nascent brand staking its claim in the techwear domain with a unique approach. Their proposition? A visionary modular design philosophy that allows you to alter, modify and interchange components of your outerwear according to your shifting requirements and preferences. This groundbreaking idea resonates with the dynamic spirit of techwear, embracing constant evolution as a core brand principle.

Konundrum takes its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness further with an ambitious mission statement: fostering a wholly circular product lifecycle that incorporates end-of-life recycling services for parts on behalf of its patrons. By adopting this holistic model, Konundrum aspires to embed environmental stewardship into the fabric of its design ethos, making a significant contribution to eco-friendly fashion practices.

While Konundrum's offerings have yet to attain widespread availability, there is palpable anticipation for what this trailblazer has in store for the techwear landscape. Indeed, it might prove to be a formidable contender to Acronym, potentially challenging its longstanding supremacy in the techwear arena, akin to an up-and-coming god contending for the throne.

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Teatora - Techwear for Working

Teatora, a rising star from the Land of the Rising Sun, weaves not mere clothing, but technological spells of fashion. Like whispers of incantations, their workwear performs alchemy with lightweight and wrinkle-resistant properties, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

This brand, Teatora, takes its place in the cosmic pantheon of techwear, not solely for its twilight-toned palette reminiscent of a star-strewn night, but for the profound enchantments woven into the fabric and structure of its garments.

Designed as a modern-day armour for the creative spirits, these robes are more than just attire. They are symbolic talismans, perfect for the contemporary magus desiring to conjure a unique style aura in the workplace. Their presence resonates with an energy that aligns the wearer with the subtle vibrations of the techwear realm. Thus, Teatora stands as a testament to the transformative power of the techwear grimoire.

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Stone Island Shadow Project - Stone Island Techwear

Like the mystic casting shadows with the Moon's silver light, Stone Island's Shadow Project manifests the art of fashion alchemy. It is an experimental crucible where techwear style is transmuted, in the unique and unrivaled Stoney method. This collection harmonizes the cosmic energies of performance fabrics with the philosophies of avant-garde, creating an identity that stands separate from the well-recognized constellation of the Stone Island mainline.

Stone Island's Shadow Project can be likened to an eclipse - it's Stone Island, but with a darker resonance, its stealth aesthetic reflecting the mysteries of the night. It is tailor-made for the modern wizard, desiring the techwear vibrations but not wishing to ascend into its zenith. This is Stone Island softly echoing the whispers of techwear, rather than shouting them, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to tread a subtler path along the techwear cosmos.

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Haven - Covering all the bases techwear

In the vast fashion universe, Haven Clothing is akin to the Northern Star - a guiding beacon in the diverse Canadian terrain. Anchored in Toronto, this brand weaves the spells of functionality and modernity into cloth, their designs echoing the dance of the four seasons that paint the Canadian landscapes.

Haven is a silent whisperer of techwear's ancient secrets, intertwining them with the stoic might of military influence. It's as if each piece is forged in the cosmic forge, tempered by the celestial powers of Mars and Mercury - the gods of ambition and speed.

The in-house line of Haven Clothing is like a magical cloak, tailored to serve the modern wizard in any situation. Possessing enchantments of unique fabric, meticulously crafted construction, and properties that respond to the elements, this collection breathes, flows, and resists the water's charm - these are the sacred seals of techwear, and Haven holds them close.

So, if you seek to walk the line between the mundane world and the world of techwear, Haven Clothing is a portal that allows for that journey, keeping you sheltered and stylish, no matter the weather, the occasion, or the celestial alignments.

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Veilance - Professional Techwear

In the grand cosmos of techwear, if you're on a quest for an armor that wields control over the elements, your astral paths lead to Arc'teryx Veilance. Birthed in the 2009th year under the banner of Arc'teryx, this brand champions the starlit virtues of minimalism, constructing garments imbued with the alchemy of advanced technology to craft wearable microclimates.

A decade and more orbits around the sun have honed Veilance's craft, with a fellowship of 400 souls laboring within the cosmic crucible known as "Arc'One". Nestled in the southeast of the mystical realm of Vancouver, this manufactory distills the expertise of the heralded Arc'teryx and marries it with the sophistication of the urban jungle.

Arc'teryx Veilance: the nexus of technology and style, It is the culmination of wisdom and terrestrial practicality, presenting a city-dweller's dream, thus making it one of the most faithful techwear companions on the market. Just as the Pleiades are the beacon for the nocturnal mariner, Veilance is the dependable guide for the urban techwear explorer.

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GORP Techwear Brands

The following brands may be considered outdoor brands, but they are doing techwear with the best of them. They should definitely be on your list when you start shopping for technical gear for everyday living.


From the mystical shores of Japan, emerges Goldwin Clothing, a venerable oracle in the realm of outerwear. This brand has been weaving technical garments for over three decades, each thread imbued with an attention to detail as precise as the constellation paths. Its reach has recently crossed the great ocean, marking its presence with monoliths (um, stores) in Munich and San Francisco, thus spreading its earthly influence beyond the Land of the Rising Sun.

Goldwin's focuses on durability, akin to the sturdiness of the Great Bear constellation, making the Goldwin group an esteemed architect of outdoor brands with a contemporary resonance. Among their creations is The North Face Japan and The North Field Purple label, each bearing a sophisticated aura that echoes throughout the techwear cosmos.

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And Wander

If you find yourself traversing the vast expanse of the fashion realm in search of garments that embrace both warmth and comfort, boasting the hallmark of techwear construction and an invigorating outdoor ambiance, then I implore you to explore the offerings of andwander Clothing. This Japanese brand has garnered a devoted following within the techwear community in recent years, enchanting enthusiasts with its meticulous attention to detail and unassuming elegance.

Andwander gracefully navigates the delicate balance between the ethereal "tech" and the tangible "wear" — skillfully blending luxurious high-end fabrics with the familiar embrace of traditional outdoor textiles. One such fabric that springs to mind is the venerable fleece, woven with an alchemical touch that bestows it with comfort and utility. Each garment from and wander is a testament to the brand's commitment to thoughtful design, marrying the allure of sheer patterns with fabrics engineered to withstand the rigors of active exploration.

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If you find yourself yearning for clothing that draws inspiration from the boundless expanse of the great outdoors, while emanating a timeless aesthetic that captures the essence of adventure, then Nanamica clothing beckons you. Rooted in the Japanese concept of "nanamica," meaning "house of the seven seas," this esteemed label embodies a philosophy that transcends borders, aiming to forge connections among individuals across the globe.

Nanamica encapsulates the spirit of an exhilarating lifestyle, celebrating the innate human desire to venture into uncharted territories. Their creations exude a classic allure, melding a reverence for the past with a keen eye for the future. It is within the realm of technical clothing that Nanamica shines, offering unparalleled craftsmanship and top-quality materials that stand as a testament to their commitment to excellence

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Mountain Research

If you yearn for a fashion label that delves into the very essence of human existence and embraces the multifaceted tapestry of life, then Mountain Research beckons you. Hailing from Japan, this esteemed brand embarks on a journey of exploration, studying the intricacies of existence through the medium of clothing design and wears.

Within the fabric of Mountain Research lies a punk spirit, a subversive element that permeates their creations and breathes life into their designs and slogans. It is this unique character that sets them apart, making them a captivating brand to invest in. Drawing inspiration from the realms of streetwear, outdoor exploration, and techwear, Mountain Research strikes an exquisite balance, fusing these elements to create a triumvirate of awesomeness.

With every stitch, Mountain Research captures the essence of rebellion and self-expression. Their designs transcend mere garments, becoming vessels through which individuals can boldly showcase their identity and challenge societal norms. From thought-provoking slogans to visually striking pieces, Mountain Research infuses their creations with a captivating energy that ignites the imagination.

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Additional Techwear brands to check out

Not satisfied? You might try checking out some of the following brands:

  1. Ten C
  2. Poliquant
  3. Norbit
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Techwear is here to stay

n a world where fashion constantly evolves, one trend stands out as a testament to its enduring appeal: techwear. Though relatively new, techwear has swiftly established itself as a formidable force in the realm of clothing, poised to leave an indelible mark. This innovative genre seamlessly blends cutting-edge fabrics, meticulous construction, and the integration of modern technology, resulting in a style that effortlessly combines fashion, function, and comfort.

Techwear transcends mere aesthetics, offering a practical and stylish choice for both outdoor pursuits and everyday wear. It is the embodiment of versatility, catering to the needs of individuals seeking warmth, protection, and a sense of adventure. Whether you find yourself braving the elements in frigid weather or yearn for apparel that exudes a spirit of readiness for any escapade, techwear emerges as the ultimate solution.

So embrace the revolution and embark on a journey where fashion meets innovation with techwear, an ever-present force that promises to enhance your wardrobe and elevate your experiences.